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Uttering the word 'ghost' is often enough to make someone decide they'd rather be elsewhere or respond with a big smirk, as though you're a nutcase. Many don't believe in ghosts because they've never seen one, while others demand scientific proof be available before dispensing with their scepticism, regarding the phenomenon as pure illusion. Elsewhere, some are simply scared because they know nothing about ghosts—this is understandable, since the unknown is a scary thing.

But what if the nay-sayers are wrong and ghosts do exist? That is what this site is here to investigate. We're here to share informations and photographs, rather than to convince people that ghosts exist, acting as a portal of information about this extraordinary phenomenon that is reported worldwide. Whether to believe or not is a matter of spiritual development and personal choice.

The information within this site are deduced neither from logical nor scientific thinking, where ordinary mental thinking and physical senses are used to arrive at conclusions. They are instead deduced from intuitive thinking —information that appears in the soul, the divine part in us. The photographs, on the other hand, show only what cameras see, and cameras don't lie. None of these pictures on this site have been tampered with in any way.

Previously this site was only about the experiences of a sensitive in haunted buildings and the things that he had learned over the years about this phenomenon, but now it's changing a bit. The site now involves several people with abilities who's job is to help people understand better the ghost phenomenon and how to deal with ghosts if they have any. We also do our best to help the ghosts if we can and send them to where they suppose to go or where they suppose to be.

Enjoy the site and if you've anything to contribute or looking for spiritual help or psychic service don't hesitate to contact us.

To learn more about our site or to read more about our team of paranormal investigators and to contact them then click here Don't forget to visit our three ghost hunting groups The Montreal Ghost Tracking Meetup Group - Les Chasseurs De Fantomes Du Group Meetup De Paris - The Lebanese Ghost Tracking Meetup Group

The Montreal Paranormal Investigations Team

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"I am a part of all that I have met". — Alfred Lord Tennyson

Photographs from our investigations

Below are random images from our selection of our world paranormal investigations and haunted buildings, along with user-submitted photos in the investigations section. Please note that with every page refresh additional images will be shown.