Dreams From The Public Translated By: Patrick Zakhm

"I learned over the years a technique for analyzing dreams from prophetic naps that i would have(lasting only few minutes)in which i would be shown in advance what is heading my way in experiences. There are different types of dreams but most common dreams(like the ones that are shown here)prepares the dreamer in advance to the possibilities of emotional experiences that he could be going through few hours after waking up from the dream. Usually those who create your dreams talk in symbols and metaphors and to understand every part of your dream you have to be able to read the language of symbols and metaphors that makes up a dream. Translating a dream is not an easy task, it takes alot of time sometimes and alot of questions that the dreamer needs to answer honestly first in order to see what different things mean to him before a dream gets translated. Your dreams are tailored for you and only you. The language is the same but the content is different from person to person. Below are the translations for three dreams received from the public."

Patrick Zakhm

"The dream starts where i see myself surrounded by wasps. They were big and i could see the details of their body colours.They were flying all around me. I did not move and was not stung. What does that means and what about the meaning of a wasp?"

"Your dream in this case was preparing you for an experience that you'll find yourself in and in which you cannot move or do anything. You did not bring or put yourself in this difficult situation, life did(since the dream started the way it did). The wasps are either soldiers or officers or even the police. Since all the wasps are and look the same the dream is pointing to people that you'll come across who dress up the same way or their outfit/uniform look the same. Since you did not get stung by any of them non of those will do any harm to you or make you suffer in anyway. You'll be left undisturbed. You're seeing the wasp big and detailed means that you are going to know exactly who they are when you see them."

"This is the translation i gave to this gentleman and the time was around noon. I translated the dream for him then asked him when did he had this dream? He said this morning. And then he said this morning he came across a police squad checkpoint(this unit had a higher level of authority then ordinary police officers and they were armed to the teeth)as he was going to work and he was stopped like other cars but not asked any questions. The gentleman told me that on the sides of the road there was cars that the police has stopped and were being searched and questioned. So i told him that's your dream. That's what your dream was preparing you in advance for. Also this person served in the army and knows pretty much the meaning of different cloth or uniforms colors officers wear. And because of the line of work he is in he is always armed, which is a protection. And why his spirit guides showed him in the dream the wasps are big and detailed. Because he'll know right away(in the awake life experience)who this branch of police force that he'll encounter belongs to or part of which unit or branch they're from."

Patrick Zakhm

"I see myself in my car and all of my wheels were punctured and flat. Very short dream and didn't last long. What does that mean??"

"You are going to be in or find yourself in a standing still situation(since 4 tires were flat means) not much moving you gonna be doing or going. Just one flat tire in real life can let a person drive a bit but not for long. But in your case the 4 tires were flat, that means you ain't going nowhere. But since the dream was short and didn't last long. That paralyzing situation that you'll find yourself in won't last long. It will be for a short time. Being in your car means that you gonna be in a place that you are comfortable in and know well. A car can also be the position you are in in life that give you a somewhat limited authority or protection since being in a car protect you from the elements(in real life). But this has nothing to do with a car or your actual car. The car was used in your dream just to give you an idea of the place you'll be stuck in for a short period of time."

Patrick Zakhm

"My wife had a dream this morning where many things were going on in it at the same time. The dream was all on that. She said she was talking to several people at the same time and there was misunderstandings here an there and arguments."

"Your wife will have a headache like experience today, i told the gentleman. Not a physical headache but an emotional one. Too many things will be happening at the same time." "When i said this i asked him when did his wife had this dream? He said this morning. Then i asked him was there anything like i just mentioned happening at home or outside? He said one of his son was sick and was taken to see a doctor and there was difficulties figuring out what was wrong with him. I told the gentleman, there you go, that was her dream, what your wife saw in her dream was preparing her to what is heading her way and giving her options to do something or not, to act or not to act in this or that fashion."

Patrick Zakhm

Analyzing dreams takes a lot of time and breaking through the language of symbolism and metaphors that dreams are made of is a gift in itself. Two types of Dream Analysis are being offered here. Every dream is tailored for the dreamer only and only the dreamer can provide answers to particular scenes seen in dreams. Everyone can understand their analyzed dreams if they listen carefully. The technique used here in analyzing dreams should not be mixed or compared to other techniques found in other dream analysis books, because if that was done then the translation given to you here becomes meaningless. As you know, one cannot write a book on how to speak English or French or Italian or Spanish and so forth unless he speaks the language, correct? For Mr. Zakhm's dream analysis book to be understood properly readers needs to put aside what they've already know, heard or red in other books on how to decipher dreams in order to fully understand the translations given to them by Mr. Zakhm. Patrick Zakhm's Book on Dream analysis can also be bought below or though major online bookstores if you are interested.

Dreams : Language Of The Spirit World By: Patrick Zakhm

Dreams language of the spirit world

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