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The following is our descriptions of some of the words commonly used in the paranormal field of investigation:

** Akasha or akashic records

All the events that ever happened since the beginning of time recorded or carved in a subtle plain beyond our senses perceptions is what is called The Akasha or Akashic Records.

** Aura

Personal information of a person which appears in some cases as colors is what is called the Aura. And these different colors can be picked up by a sensitive or a psychic. Not that you would see colors the same way as with the eyes but you'd feel as if you were looking at a particular color,the feelings that colors projects is what is felt and each color tells you things about a person for example: you looked at someone's face for instance and you felt as if you're looking at the color red, you're not seeing red but you are feeling the essence of the color red. Past experiences of a person in this life are also visible in some cases.

** Clairvoyant and Clairvoyancy

Is a person with the ability of seeing or watching events happening somewhere else, usually to someone that the Clairvoyant knows or cares about. And that could be physical or emotional experience. Distances has no effect whatsoever on this perception. Where as Clairvoyancy is the name of this ability.

** Clairsentient

The ability to feel the emotions of other people in the vicinity or the emotions and feelings of a soul that haunts a place.

** Clairaudient

The ability to hear thoughts of souls, ghosts, people. Usually from ones spirit guides or of those of a haunting soul, a ghost. But one have to know himself well so he can tell which is his and which is coming from outside.

** Deja-vu

Is a memory from a previous life coming from the soul and appearing in our consciousness, usually ignited to float to the surface or brought up to the surface by something we saw, heard or even tasted.

** Empath or Empathy

Is the ability to read people's, souls or ghosts emotions just by looking at them. Having their emotions reflected in you and knowing what they are feeling.

** Entity

Any living independent being. Living in the sens that it has a existence whether physical or non physical.

** Entity attacks

Some people have experienced what is known as entity attacks, which is described as being attacked by invisible beings that are only visible to the one going through these experiences. People are usually paralyzed completely during these attacks, in which the entity or entities are free to do with them whatever they want. But those who experienced that are never harmed physically,just emotionally. The cause of this is connected to the person going through this experience. Some types of spirit guides are known to take any shape they want in order to give guidance to people. And sometimes if they see a person doing things that will end his life before his time or would have a devastating effects on people in his surroundings and he keeps on doing them without even thinking of the consequences of his actions then they will intervene. And their interventions takes usually the form of hideous creatures according to what scares the person in question the most and they will take that particular shape and scare him to wake up, to tell him he shouldn't be doing what he's doing, he should stop now. And usually the person experiencing that is well aware that what he's doing is not right but doesn't wanna do anything about it to change and because he can't see where that is taking him. Where as these spirits can. They usually are not allowed to intervene directly but on occasions they are allowed depending on the situation. They can see the outcome of people's actions and they will take the proper actions against them to wake them up and force them to stop what they're doing.

** Ghost

A soul without it's physical body that have stayed behind because of a spiritual attachments(usually unintentional)created when the soul was still of the physical world. After the physical death the soul will be pulled back to the object or objects of her attachments and haunt them or stay around them for a long time. Occasionally , unfinished business is the cause of a haunting, meaning that the person died before finishing what he 's been working on. Other times, the soul just don't know or don't understand what is going on so she stays behind at the place she knows best. And sometimes ghosts are brought in into our plane by mistake using a spirit communication tool , like the Ouija board.

** Ghost signature

Are energies or residual vibes that a ghost leave behind and can be red by some psychics and sensitives. Some sensitives use these signatures to find haunted sites.

** Gut feeling

It's a feeling of things felt around the belly button. A bit similar to a intuition with a difference that it has a place a location where feelings appear, where a intuition there isn't any. In the belly button area is located one of our chakras, not in the physical body but in the Spiritual body. This body which is invisible to the naked eye lives and coexist at the same time with our physical body but on a subtle level. And just as the physical body have senses so does this subtle body. It's organs are called chakras and each chakra enables it to get in contact with different types of energies. To have a gut feeling is to be aware of information concerning a event coming through a chakras located in the same area as the belly button.

** Haunted or Haunting

The action or actions of a soul or souls which have stayed behind, usually in their own house that they use to occupy when they were still of this plane.

** Hypnosis

Is a technique used to tap into the memory of the soul. And sometimes past life experiences are brought up to consciousness through it to help understand and deal with problems one is having in his present life.

** Intuition, intuitive

Spiritual guidance that comes from within. It usually appears as impulses to do something like avoiding this or that person it's similar a bit to a gut feeling. But it's different in that it doesn't create a physical reaction or a sign in the physical body when it appear and can not be heard as a thought like it usually happen when a spirit guide is guiding someone, it just appear inside and push a person to do something, inside his soul. It's a voiceless voice of guidance. And a intuitive is a person that is in tuned and aware of his intuitions, is well aware when he's receiving a intuition, is well aware of being guided.

** Lithought or Etheric body

Is a subtle body invisible to the senses that has two jobs, one is to keep us alive, the other is to hold our memories and experiences of our present life.

** Levitation

The ability to lift or move objects or oneself of the ground without any physical means. The well known Italian priest Padre Pio was known to levitate while reading the holy scriptures.

** Medium

Is similar to a psychic with the difference that the medium put himself in a state of consciousness that enables bodiless souls to come forth and communicate through him. The medium usually invite them to take control of part of his physical body in order to transmit a message. In some cases the voice, the physical characteristics and even the behavior of the medium changes according to the soul that comes in. But the medium stays in control of the whole situation and can put a end to it if he wasn't comfortable with whom ever he has invited in.

** Orb or Orbs

Is the intermittent and temporarily appearances in our world of entities that belongs to another plane of existence. Their existence is very similar to a light flashing at high speed or the beating of a bird's wings. Perceiving them is far beyond our senses capabilities. But on occasions cameras seems to catch them.

** Premonition

Is a future event or events that is seen by people in dreams usually. Sometimes what they saw in advance in their dreams happens later on exactly the way they saw it and in other times the premonition is shown in symbols and metaphors.

** Phobia or Phobias

Are sudden abnormal fears that the soul experience sometimes when being put in a condition that is ordinary or normal to most people.Or when seeing,touching or interacting with a living or non living thing, usually insects. And this fear from this particular object is sort of a remembrance of how it has played part in her death or was behind her death in one of her previous lives. So when a soul sees this object again in this life the whole agonizing experience that she went through which ended her life start to replay again. She starts to go again through the last few second that preceded her death or departure from the physical, she thinks she's gonna die again.The common elements or conditions for triggering a phobia are insects, the elements and closed dark places.

** Psychic

Is someone who can communicate consciously with the souls of dead people. And that usually takes the form of seeing someone else while the psychic is looking at a person still living in the physical plane. This perception resembles usually a memory, a ordinary memory that people have of things but with the difference that it's much more vivid and alive. And usually the soul which the psychic sees is here for a purpose and that is to communicate or deliver a message to the person that the psychic is looking at. This message usually takes the form of symbols given to the psychic which he has to decipher properly in order to pass on the message.

** Psychometry

Is the ability to tap into the akashic records through the means of touching. By touching and holding a object that belongs to someone else a Psychometrist is able to tune or connect himself to events that has happened where this object was present.

** Sensitive

Is a person with a heightened sensitivity to energies that accompany paranormal activities which are beyond the reach of our physical senses. Usually this person is also able to feel the energies given of by some metals, the electric field given off by electricity running in a wire and the disturbances of the field of life which engulf people, meaning they can tell if someone is sick or not. And these are some of the common perceptions of a sensitive. They usually have several other abilities at different degrees.

** Spirit or Spirits

Is mainly a soul without a physical body that isn't attached spiritually to any physical objects like ghosts are. Other beings that belongs to where souls lives after the physical death are called spirits too, and some of them become spirit guides to us.

** Telepathy

The ability to be aware of people's thoughts or to transmit or ignite thoughts in them,whether close by or far away has no effect on that. But first one has to know himself well before he can tell if what he's experiencing in thoughts are his own or those of others.

** Telekinesis

The ability to influence and effect objects by moving them at will(sometimes unintanally), and sometimes these movements are caused by the agitated forces of the soul.The Russian Theosoph Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was known to move objects when she was angry.

** Temporary Sleep Paralysis

Is a condition that some people experience when they are between the awake state and sleep state. This is caused mainly by the soul not completely or haven't returned fully inside the physical body, part of it is still outside. Each time we go to sleep the soul which has our will in it detach partly from the physical body and go to it's world.It does not leave the physical body completely,it stays attached in parts to it. And when we're about to awake the soul starts to take back it's place in the physical body. But sometimes by the way we awake or by the way our physical body is positioned during sleep the soul does not retake it's place properly and we end up in a situation where we are unable to move we can only open our eyes. This paralysis is temporarily not much one can do and panicking does not help. Going back to sleep usually solve the problem.

** Z-vibes or z-rays(or Zakhm vibes)

Are energies given off by haunted buildings/locations/objects etc. Haunted sites give off a particular signature, a vibe that is completely different from the surrounding vibes of ordinary buildings that are not haunted. These ghost signature can be picked p by some sensitives and psychics. And if a sensitive have developed enough his abilities in picking up these signatures(each is different) which i came to call them Z* vibes ghost vibes then he'll be able to point out to you which house is haunted. Most of the time this can be picked up from outside but sometimes because of it's weakness the sensitive need to be inside the house to read them. These vibes usually surround or cover the whole haunted house but more intense or concentrated in particular area/s of that house. And this is where the ghost is usually present or where he moves in or manifest himself the most in our world.

Z-vibes are energies or vibrations if you like that haunted buildings give off. When a ghost manifest itself in our plane he leaves a trace behind and this is what a Z-vibe is. I measure them with depict their intensities, with Z1 being the weakest and Z10 the strongest. Beside the trace that a ghost leave behind he also radiate emotional states and feelings as well. And this is what the letters near the Z means, for instance Z4S(S for sadness) or Z3R or A(for rage or anger). The letters that are beside the Z like A-R-P-S and so forth depict the emotional state that the ghost/s is in. In addition to that sensitives can also sometimes sense the gender, whether the ghost is a male or female and their age.