Patrick Zakhm intervention in solving a possible murder case, September 2017, in a city North of Lebanon, Lebanon

"Around 3:30 am in mid September, i was busy that night and just before i went to bed i thought of checking my email. Few emailed have arrived. One particular email attracted my attention because it mentioned the name of an old friend of mine. This email seemed to have been forwarded ounce before it reached me. I did not know the sender but i knew the person mentioned in that email. Urgent help was needed, an old friend of mine has lost her son and she was in desperate need to talk to me. I replied right away that i will call her in the morning then go see her. I was saddened by what has happened to her, she only had one son. I picked up my phone to see if i still have her number and seem i did then i thought of checking her number on Whatsup app to see if there are any mention of her son's death. And indeed there was and also a small picture of him and his full name(we'll call him Joe). I then decided to call his soul to see if i can make contact or learn something of what has happened. It only took few minutes before my spiritual window above and in front of me opened and there was someone, a male standing in it. He was not visible, i was only seeing a vague silhouette. Then i started to talk to him explaining who i was and what i do and that I was a friend of his mom. Right away, the ambiance changed around him to happiness, he became visible and looked happy but then he did a strange movement and momentarily i could see what he was wearing. It was a black shirt, very small black shirt, with long sleeves that seem to have white line that runs across both sleeves. This shirt was very tight and very small, one can't and won't breath easily if he's wearing it. It was like someone who wear XL (extra large)size shirts but now he is wearing a S(small)size shirt. It did not make any sense to me. Why would he show himself wearing very tight shirt? I wondered. But later I understood that he could not breath, that's what he was telling/showing me, how he died."

"Before going any further I'm going to explain a bit how i work so people can understand. I seem to have a spiritual window up in front of me that opens occasionally and souls will come and stand in it so i can see them. Sometimes my spirit guides open that windows to show me things of spiritual nature and other times it's the souls on the other side that opens it. I cannot open it on my own, it's beyond my control. With souls on the other side who approach me or come through and stand in my window, if I have not met them in real life i can't in general talk in thoughts with them after the physical death but i can feel their feeling and what is going and occasionally pick up glimpses of their thoughts."

"Back to our case. I then asked Joe if he wanted to say anything to his mom because tomorrow I'm calling her then going to see her. I felt him perplexed, confused, surprised by my question and did not know what to tell me for her sake. I've never seen that in any soul contact before. He did not say anything in thought form but made a kiss with his lips, he was sending a kiss to his mom. I was very surprised by his reaction to my question and the kiss he sent did not really feel genuine. Not that he didn't love his mom but his reaction including the kiss was to get away from answering my question, It's like he was cornered by my question."

"In the morning, I called his mom and told her that I made contact with her son's soul and that I'm coming to see her. She was very happy, excited then said I'm waiting for you. I arrived in the afternoon, her house was quiet far. She looked devastated and she seemed to be under some kind of medications to calm her down. We sat down then she started telling me that she's been looking for me for a long time. She called all my friends and asked everywhere about me to no avail. Until she called a friend of hers who's with the United Nations and he managed to find my email, he was the one who emailed me. Her son have died almost 40 days now and there is going to be a memorial service and meal after 40 days of his departure this coming Sunday, which was 2 days from now. This memorial service is made by his father and his mom was going to have another service for him a week after. Then i started to tell her what i saw spiritually about her son. She started crying. But the kiss he gave at the end, she didn't buy that she said because that's not his way. Something had happened to him and we need to find out what exactly she said."

"She then told me how she discovered the body. That day she was in her country house up in the mountains and her son was home in the city, supposedly with his girlfriend. The lady is a bit of medium by the way. Then out of the blue she hears someone telling her spiritually that she will arrive home and find her son dead. In shock and disbelief she excused herself and told everyone she has to leave. Arriving at home at night, there was some cloth dispersed of her son here and there and so she told a young lady friend that came with her to take all these cloth and put them in the washing machine and wash them. She said it was like she was in a trance and did not know why all these cloth needed to be washed right away. "

"The young lady friend did just that then said to the lady her son's room seems to be lit so he must be still here. The lady then headed to his room, stopping to smoke a cigarette but could not finish it. She smoked a bit then put it down. Then it was as if she knew what she'll find because of the voice she heard earlier and a small wave of grief hit her momentarily and she rose both her hands then slapped on her knees few times then she went into his room. She went bending down to touch his feet because he was lying on his bed and told him to wake up sweetheart. But at the same time she turned her head to look at him, the shock of her life, he was blue/green she said. She started yelling and yelling like crazy. She wished she never seen his face she told me later, it was just horrible and she can't get that image out of her head no matter how much she tries to forget it. The police arrived, the ambulance arrived, army personnel arrived too but no one wanted to go inside the room or even touch her son and she did not know why she said. Beside not to temper/touch possible evidence or damaging finger prints there was something else but she did not know what. When she told me that i knew right away that there was something in there that could be dangerous, i knew the medics and ambulance people knew what they were dealing with(without saying it out loud)and didn't wanna put their life in danger, that's what came to me, but i didn't know the reason for their neutrality."

"As we spoke some more, it seems there was a small bag of rat poison missing. Only the mother knew where she hid that bag, the mother, the girlfriend and a young girl who was with the mother when she arrived home that day. I asked about that poison what was it and wrote down the name to check it out later. The mother thought that someone killed her son, her suspicion fell on his girlfriend because she was badly treating him. The mother then took me to the room where she found her son. I know this room myself, i have been in her house in the past because her house is very haunted and have several ghosts. We got in then the mother showed me what her son have written on the wall before he died, which i found very strange and not normal at all. There was several lines by his hand mentioning his girlfriend, that he loved her a lot but he will never forgive her ever. Because she cheated on him with people he knew according to his mother. I stayed few more hours looking around and seeing what I pick up spiritually then I left."

"In that room I picked up residual spiritual energies of a struggle, not with somebody else, no, it was a struggle for survival. He was in terrible pain, twisting, screaming, jumping, trying to breath, struggling to get some air in but could not. It was just horrible the feelings he went through before his death. I could not tell his mom that, she was still under medications to calm her down."

"As i left i started asking my spirit guides and wondering what could have happened. As i was driving back home my guides showed me an image full of meanings depicting the situation at the end before Joe's death. I didn't understand it at first. That took several days. In that picture both Joe and his girlfriend are in that same tiny room where he had died. He is lying on his bed and looking inside the room. His girlfriend was standing up her back was toward me, her left side was toward Joe and she was looking outside, the street outside. Not much understanding came through from that image at first."

"Couple days later i went to Joe's memorial service and meal. After the memorial service Joe's mom told me to come with her she wanted to go visit her son's tomb. I walked along with her and some of her family members. Arriving at his tomb the mother broke down crying and screaming then started to strike with her hand the metal door of his tomb yelling at her son to stand come out. As she did that all of a sudden my spiritual window opened above in front of me and Joe is there crying heavily and looking at his mom and i could hear his cries. He then momentarily turned to his right and looked at me then turned back looking at his mom. He stayed only few minutes visible then i stopped seeing him. His mom was still crying and screaming she then stood up and walked a couple of meters away and sat down. She became less agitated and calmed down and i was surprised by that and i did not know why until later. She told me She saw Joe's soul momentarily crying at the same time i saw him. That's why she calmed down."

"At the end of the memorial and meal services the mother asked me to join her and family at home and so i did. At her home we sat down and started again our investigation. The mother let out more details on how her son was found. She said the doctor put a special spoon in his mouth and pulled a lot of the rat poison. But still that didn't tell what really had happened? Did someone force poison down his throat or did he take it himself? The mother was desperate to know what really had happened and how her son had died. I told her we will know, nothing stays hidden for long. I then told her what i was shown in an image, with Joe laying on his bed and the girlfriend standing. We did not understand the real message behind that and the mother thought at first that the girlfriend was here when he died. But that's not really what that image was saying symbolically. I stayed a bit then i left."

"I then did some research on that rat poison and was surprised by what came out. This poison is banned in many European countries and Middle Eastern ones because of it's potency. It's a very dangerous poison and can kill a person within few minutes. And it seems it's quiet common in Lebanon and anybody can buy it. Another thing about it is that when it's hot outside and if there was a bit of humidity it becomes even more dangerous and can be absorbed by the skin very easily and go into your blood stream. That's when i understood why at the beginning nobody wanted to go inside the room or or even touch the body. According to the information I found on that poison, the first thing one needs to do if someone mishandled this type of poison is to take his cloth off and get rid of them or wash them. Which what the mother told her friend to do without knowing the reason why because she was in a trance like state as she told me. So whatever soul whispered to her about her son's death also it seems was helping her by putting her in a trance state and inspiring her to tell her friend to take all the cloth away and to wash them."

"Around two days later the meaning of that symbolic image hit me in one shot. Joe was in a relationship with that girlfriend but that relationship was not going anywhere. It was framed fenced and small just like that symbolic image my spirit guides showed me. He is comfortable in it(He's laying on his bed) and looking inside. Where as she was not comfortable(she was standing up) and looking outside, looking to leave. She was going to leave him and she may have did just that that day. But he, he could not keep on living without her because he loved her so very much. He could not bare life without her, he was hurting so much. His mom mentioned before that that she have found him in distress crying on several occasion but she did not know why and he would not tell her."

"I then sent the mother a message describing what that image was telling us. Then about a week later I headed there to meet the mother and the family again for another memorial and meal services for her son Joe done by the mother herself this time. And on my way there my spiritual window opened and there's Joe again looking at me above in front of me. He was happy and excited. I heard about a nickname his family has given him, so I thought of asking Joe why did they gave him this nickname? He turned his head giving me a question mark on his face with a funny way as if he does not know. I later told his mom about my question. She told me Joe does not know and I don't know why he was given this nickname, only his father knows.I kept on seeing Joe until i arrived at the church where the memorial service was being held then his ambiance changed to something serious and respectful then he faded away and i no longer see him. Joe was a pious person his mom told me earlier on."

"The mother was a bit calmer this time and her house was full of family members coming to pay their respect. And there was something different in her house, where the memorial meal was being held this area was lit. There was an incredible white energy in that area and i told the mother that and she confirmed it, she felt it too. Then told me it's because her son grew up in this house. The father and the mother do not live in the same house, they were separated many years ago."

"Then as i sat down talking with other people, I noticed the girlfriend was here too, she passed by me and went to the kitchen where there was a letter for her from Joe, written before he died. It was similar to what was written on the wall but describing the girlfriend to a T and how he still loves her very much and that he will never ever forgive her because she cheated on him, that he prefer to go to God then staying here."

"As the kitchen became full of family members wanting to read what he wrote my spiritual window opens up and i hear Joe very pissed. This was the first time i hear him talk, I usually cant hear souls if I have never met them physically before. Joe was pissed and he was saying"shou amtaamil haidi hoon??..shou amtaamil hoon???" in Lebanese.."What is she doing here???...What is she doing here??". I could not see Joe only hear him and the ambiance where he was in was dark and gloomy as he said that. I stayed for a while then I left."

"Few hours later my spiritual window opens again and there was Joe standing in it. I could not see him clearly it was vague. Then i started telling him something that i knew will make him laugh then i said "I'm suppose to meet your dad in the upcoming days do you want me to tell him that i saw you and all, the details?". He then answers laughing in Lebanese"Walla walla.." right away and i could hear him(he had a strange somewhat rough voice confirmed later by his mother) and i also got a glimpse of his character from his voice. He was saying"If you ever..If you ever...O boy o boy!" And he was laughing. He was laughing because his dad will not understand and he will freak out at me, a complete stranger telling him all these things. Then I said "ok ok..I will only tell your dad that i saw you and that you are fine..That is all". Joe then said while smiling"Habibi"(dear) then send a kiss to thank me. Then a bit later he faded away and I stopped seeing him".

"My intervention has helped the mother cope better with her loss and that all pointed out to the same thing, that he have brought this to himself that he had killed himself. The Police investigation so far seems to point out too to the same thing, that it looks like a suicide. But the details on how it occurred exactly is still unclear. Whether the Police investigation is closed or still open nobody really knows for sure".

Patrick Zakhm