Encounters with a black Jinn and a yellow king Jinn - October 2017 - Lebanon

"This occurred back in October before i left Lebanon. In my room one night while sitting on my bed I felt the presence of something on my left side about 2 meters away. It did not feel evil or threatening. I tried to make contact with it but got nothing. It was standing on the same ground level as I was. This thing got my attention so I decided to shine a spiritual light on it. And right away I got a glimpse of this thing. He was large and tall about two meters in height, a large physical being yet invisible to the naked eye. I could not see all of it only a bit the rest was vague. And that part which looked like an area around his stomach was covered with thick straight black whiskers like hair 2-3 inches in length like dogs hair(please check dog photos for comparison). And that part of his body was moving in and out, this thing was alive and breathing. As I was seeing spiritually that his legs from the top part that was visible to me were different from ours even thought I did not see them fully. I then decided to get this thing away from me. I yelled at it then order it to go away but it did not. Since i was seeing it using my spiritual light i decided to use this same light to scare it away but that did not seem to bother it either. Then it seems that one of my spirit guides decided to intervene because all of a sudden a large curved sword appeared spiritually in front of me about a meter away. The sword was made of gold and had an empty part in the middle around the top and it looked Middle Eastern. I then took a hold of this sword(mentally that is because thoughts are realities over there)then threatened this thing with it. I had no idea why my spirit guides(could be Yusuf?one of them is called Yusuf)created this sword for me. But as soon as i told this thing that I will hurt it with this sword if he doesn't leave, I got a reaction from him. He became agitated, gave a sound then took off away from me. It walked away with a fast pace and as it did I got a vague glimpse of the rest of his legs and feet and of its world. His feet looked like a goat's feet and it's world was gray dark and gloomy and there was no color, I didn't see any color."

Photograph Photograph Photograph Photograph

"Above are some pictures of a black dog taken by myself to give you a comparison of what I saw spiritually. The circled yellow area that you can see on the same dog laying in the sun is what i saw that was moving in and out, the breathing movement i saw. The hair was much longer and thicker and straighter on the Jinn"

"This was the first time i see a being of this nature. I decided to share my experience with someone who is more knowledgeable about the Jinn then myself because he deals with them all the time, it's his work. The first reaction from this person was a big intriguing smile on his face. "What you saw was a black Jinn" The person said. It seems that people ordinary cannot see Jinn beings in their natural forms. These beings are shape shifters and usually take ground level human forms. But with me for some reason I saw this Jinn the way he really look naturally. Psychics and sensitive or people with spiritual abilities in perception can tell them apart from real people or real souls because they can read the inside and not the outside outer shell of beings."

"Then the person asked me about the sword,"what does the sword look like?"He asked with another big smile and more intriguing look on his face. I described it to him then I was told that this sword was Imam Ali sword. Imam Ali was the cousin and son in law of the Prophet Muhammad. Imam Ali has waged a battle in the past with the Jinn and won. The Jinn all types of Jinn cannot stand seeing Imam Ali's sword, they run away. As I talked more and more with this person it seems there are many different Jinn types. The most common ones are the Black ones, the yellow/golden ones and the red ones. The individual or soldier Jinn have all long whiskers like hair but not the king Jinn and each kind or type of Jinn have a king Jinn. The Jinn were created from fire by God before Adam and Eve, before humans. They were ordered by God to be under human control but they refused to follow God's command so they were cast out."

"Few weeks later I got a glimpse spiritually of another type of Jinn, the light yellow golden one. This was the king of the this family of jinn. He was standing in his plane about 10 meters away from me on two legs similar to the black Jinn. He did not have long skin hair like the black Jinn. He had very short furry like skin hair similar to a sheep's fur that just had his fur sheared(please check the pictures below)."

"Below is an image of a light yellow dog held in the up position to show you a comparison of what i saw. This part of the yellow king Jinn body was spiritually visible to me for several days. And in the picture below is only to give you an idea about it's skin"

Photograph Photograph

"I could not see his head or his arms. I could only see from below his arms and down to the beginning of his legs. He stood facing me like that and standing in this posture none stop for several days then he faded away. It was as if he was trying to make contact with me."

Patrick Zakhm