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***** Patrick Zakhm Spiritual and Paranormal Services *****

Founder of three ghost hunting and paranormal investigations groups, one in Montreal, Canada, one in Paris, France and one in Beirut, Lebanon, Patrick Zakhm is also the Author of 2 books "Haunted Places" and "Dreams: Language of the spirit world. A third book is still in the making and should be released most probably next year. Patrick Zakhm is a sensitive with psychic and medium abilities. He's also a clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient and Akashic records reading abilities which is taping into the past of a location or of an event and see what has happened and ghost signature and residual energy reading abilities.

Patrick Zakhm can be reached through the following emails :Photograph

Over the years Patrick's abilities has evolved and now he is able to not only see ghosts and souls in the spirit worlds but also communicate with them and get a glimpse of where they are and sometimes even follow souls in their journeys right after the physical death and guide them in what to do and to where they should go.

Mr. Zakhm has been offering his services for free for more then a decade now. More and more people have become interested in the paranormal, wanting to learn more about ghosts, how to ghost hunt. How to communicate with souls who have crossed over and how to become a paranormal investigator? The high demands and the time spent explaining to people these phenomenons and replying to those who have have emailed him have taken most of Mr. Zakhm's time. Because of that a decision was made(October 2016)to start charging a fee for different services that he was giving before for free. The following below are the services he's offering with the fees next to them. Please note that all payments are to be sent through Skrill at the bottom of this page. Skrill is an International Payment Service similar to and as secure as PayPal. Please also note that all pictures or videos sent to Mr. Zakhm will never be posted anywhere or shared with anyone without the permission of their rightful owners.


- Talking about ghosts and all kind of questions related to ghosts service($250):

If you want to learn more about what ghosts then Mr.Zakhm will be happy to talk to you. You can ask him anything in regard to ghosts and he will answer you and teach you from his experience only what he have learned so far since he have started ghost hunting 20-25 years. This will be a basic lesson in ghost hunting and will last for 5 days starting from the first email you sent him and he received. But please before sending any questions email Mr.Zakhm and ask him if he is available first for the following 5 days. If he says "Yes" then a payment needs to be made first. If he says "No" then please try emailing him few days later to see again if he is free for you. Please note that Mr.Zakhm will only be available strictly through emails communication and not phone communications. Also, answers received from him fit your understand mainly and nobody else because when he is talking to you and answering your questions he's basically talking from experience and also he's picking up information from his spirit guides as well as your spirit guides to pass to you. Sure, other people can read his emails and learn too but his emails are tailored and made to fit you and what he's picking up from you spiritually through the writings in your emails.

- Soul contact service($500):

This service is for people looking to hear or learn something from their loved ones or from someone who have crossed over and is no longer in the physical world. Nothing to pay up front at first. Patrick Zakhm will try to make contact for 5 days with the soul of your choice. Most recent picture of the deceased will be needed as well as his name provided. This is so Mr Zakhm can tune to his vibrations and call him to come forth. What will also help is a sentence or a motto that the deceased used to say. Also please specify who you are to this person when he was still alive? Again this will help Mr Zakhm tune better to that particular soul. Please note that no payment will be made until a contact was made. Ounce that occurs Mr.Zakhm will get back to notify you about that. Ounce a contact is made payment needs to be made. Then Mr.Zakhm will get back to you with what he saw spiritually and the information received. If for 5 consecutive days no contact is made you don't pay nothing. Mr.Zakhm will try again few days later and if a contact was established then he will notify you about that. Please note that over here in the physical we have full control of our lives but over there in the spirit worlds we do not. There are basically 3 spirit planes right after the physical death experience. The first you are free to move around and do what you please to a point. In the second plane a soul is free to do some things but with restrictions and time is counted meaning if a soul manage to approach someone in the physical this approach is timed and the soul is not allowed to stay for long. Where as in the third spirit plane a soul needs permission to approach a person living in the physical and this permission is timed as well. So again put a bit differently, Some souls are free to approach us and others are not. Some fall into unconsciousness and take them time to wake up to where they are now. There are different spiritual planes over there and each plane has it's own laws that souls are forced and bound to follow. There are souls who are sent to different other planes then the ones mentioned above for purification all depends on what these souls have done in their physical life. When they do their time of purification then they maybe be allowed to approach us all depends on how they lead their last life on earth.

- Picture reading service($150):

If you have a picture of someone who is still alive and want to know more about him, his personality and maybe his past Mr.Zakhm will look at a picture you provide of the person you are interested in and he will see what he can picks up from him spiritually and see what his spirit guides will show him. If something was picked up Mr.Zakhm will notify you and a payment needs to be made from your side. Ounce payment have been received Mr.Zakhm will get back to you with what he have picked up.

- Speaking engagements($1000 per hour):

Public Speaking fees will have to be made up front before Patrick Zakhm take the stage. If there are travel, gas, hotel expenses connected to that engagement then a payment that cover all these needs to be sent in advance to Patrick Zakhm before his arrival in the country or the city where his speaking engagement appointment suppose to take place. Please note that ounce a speaking engagement is over Mr.Zakhm will gladly be available and welcomes all kind of questions afterward connected to what he was talking about.

- Paranormal and ghost problems service($250):

This service is for those who think they might have a ghost or are experiencing paranormal activities at their home and trying to understand the reason. First few pictures needs to be taken of the inside of the house specially hot spots in the house that the occupants feel strange in them. Then these pictures need to be sent to Mr.Zakhm. Ounce received Mr.Zakhm will take a look at these shots and see what he picks up spiritual from them then tune himself to that particular location where the house stand and see who is there and try making spiritual contact with whoever is there. If Mr.Zakhm picks up something or make contact with a ghost then a payment needs to be made first and Mr.Zakhm will get back to you afterward with what he picked up. Please note that this service does not guaranty that Patrick will see spiritually or solve your paranormal problems or make contact with a ghost because it's not up to him to see. It's his spirit guides who show him spiritual information and it's the ghost who decide who he wants to show himself to. It's up to the ghost to show himself because the decision to show himself is in his hand. Please note Mr.Zakhm will do his best(as usual)to bring solutions or understanding to the people who are experiencing paranormal activities.

- Dream analysis($50 per dream):

This service is for people looking to decipher the symbolic and metaphoric language found in dreams. No payment is needed until a dream is deciphered. The dreams, our dreams, your dreams are made to fit just you and no one else. Many of the dreams we see at night are a preparations in advance to possible emotional experiences coming up ahead and heading our way. Usually few hours after walking up from a dream. Those who are behind our dreams prepare us to the possibilities of events and emotional experiences that could be heading our way. There are different kinds of dreams, some dreams are messages from your higher self to your lower physical self, others are prophetic dreams about your future and some are about your past and yet others are communications from loved ones who have crossed over into the spirit worlds. Please note that for Mr.Zakhm to properly decipher your dream you need to include everything you saw in your dream. Ounce a dream has been received by Mr.Zakhm you will receive a confirmation from him and that the process of analyzing and deciphering that dream has began. Ounce that has been made he will notify you and a payment needs to be sent. Ounce that is done Mr.Zakhm will get back to you with a translation of your dream.

- Psychic guidance and imagery for finding a missing person service(contributions and donations are only accepted after receiving information in regard to the missing person):

This service that Patrick Zakhm is offering is meant to help find someone who's been missing or kidnapped. He will need a recent picture of the missing person and his name and this is to tune himself to his vibrations. Also he needs to know who you are to this missing person?Are you a relative?Brother? Sister?..Etc. Patrick will look at the pic/s that you provided and see what he picks up spiritually and what his spirit guides will show him. This service is usually preferred to be done in person at the site where this person has gone missing. Please note that information received or shown to Mr.Zakhm spiritually are usually given in Symbols. And sometimes this takes a lot of time to get deciphered properly. But be sure that Patrick will be with you all the way until hopefully the missing person is found. If there was a need to travel to see you all travel expenses needs to be paid in advance to Mr. zakhm.

- Healing and Protection spiritual service($250 for 3 consecutive days):

This service is offered for people who need healing if they are sick or spiritual protections against people who mean them harm. Please prior to that email Mr.Zakhm to see if he is available first. If he is free then he'll get back to you if he is not then please try emailing him again few days later. In your email you need to tell Mr.Zakhm what you are looking for and a recent picture of the person who is in need of healing/protection. Ounce confirmed by Patrick that the picture was received he will then start working on sending healing or protection energies to the person in the picture. The healing or protection will continue for 3 consecutive days then stops afterward. Payment needs to be sent ounce Mr.Zakhm confirm that he is available, your picture is with him and he is ready for sending healing or protections. Please note that the healing or protection sent does not guaranty the full recovery or full protection from everything of the person in the picture. The healing and protections are sent with the pure intention to make the person in question as well and as protected as possible.

- Akashic record reading and past events residue reading service($250):

This service is meant to read the events that occurred in a closed quarter like in a room by looking at a picture. Whatever happens in emotions and feelings and violence in a room stays in that room and can be red sometimes by looking at a picture taken inside that room. A clear distant picture taken from where the door stand toward the inside of the room needs to be sent to Patrick first. Ounce that picture is received Mr.Zakhm will start working on it to see what he reads and what he picks up spiritually in past events residue from that location in the picture. Ounce something has been picked up he'll notify you and payment needs to be made after. Ounce that is made Patrick will get back to you with what he picked up and red from the inside of that room.

- Is a person honest/lying analysis service($150):

This service offered by Patrick zakhm is for those looking to verify if someone is being honest or lying to you or about something. The soul only speaks the truth where as the ego the lower self speaks lies. Truth comes from the heart and lies comes from the ego. A video clip with audio of the person in question needs to be sent to Patrick for analysis. No payment is to be made until Mr. Zakhm comes back to you and says he knows now if the person was telling the truth or lying in that video. Ounce Patrick says he is ready to tell you what he reads from that person then a payment needs to be made. Afterward Mr. zakhm will get back to you with what he picked up from the person in the video.

Accepted Payments Options: Western Union, Bank Transfer or through

For Questions Or Additional Info Please Email Mr. Patrick Zakhm @ One Of The Following Emails:Photograph