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Q 'n' A

(UPDATED ON AUGUST 1 2015 - #61 & 62 were added - #61 is the translation from French to English of a interview done over the phone)

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Below are some of the questions received that were answered by Patrick Zakhm.

62)-Why do you believe in ghosts?

"Well it's not a belief it's a phenomenon, it's a fact of life that is occurring worldwide. Whether one choose to believe that it exist/happening or not makes no difference at all. So if someone comes up to me and tell me "I have seen and witnessed things that blows your mind and i believe in ghosts". I would tell him, Great!. If someone else comes by and tells me"I have studied here and there in the most prestigious Universities on the planet and have diplomas from different fields so I'm very educated man but I don't believe in ghosts and all that you are talking about". I would tell him, Great!..Have a nice day. There are people who are ready for these things and there are those who are not yet no matter what you tell them or show them, it just does not sink in but bounce back as if they are carrying a shield, they just cannot grasp anything regarding the ghost phenomena which is ironic sometimes because some of these people have had unexplained experiences with ghosts or no ghosts and are looking for answers. I have many skeptics like that."

"When we are talking about ghosts we are dealing with forces and laws that can only be understood from experiences. Ghost experiences can not only teach us about how this phenomenon work but also about how we work about ourselves as well. Our physical body is just a vehicle for an invisible eternal spiritual grain of consciousness that we call soul that is always growing and evolving. The driver of the physical body, the I in everyone of us, who we are, our essence, the none physical part that keeps on living after the physical death experience. And feelings, emotions, thinking processes and our will are all forces that are part of that essence that never dies in us. And what we experience in our physical bodies are just echoes of phenomenons that are of spiritual nature. They are the effects if you like of causes and not the causes themselves just like heat is the effect of a fire and not the fire not the cause itself."

"Now when someone becomes a ghost his essence/soul stays here locked in his memories or what he remembers the most. Time ceases to exist to him and he no longer see the passage of time. Here we have the day and the night and we see the passage of time. Over there the same second stays the same second to a ghost, the idea of time no longer mean anything to him because it simply doesn't exist no more. An example, suppose someone walks into a closed very lit room with no windows or doors except the one he walked through of course. His phone and watch are all taken away from him. Now he lies down and sleep. He wakes up later, do you think he still knows what time it is? No of course, he doesn't know the time but he is still aware of the month and the year of course. But what if he repeat that many many times then walking up after, what would happens? Well he is completely lost in regard to time but he's still aware who he is of course. Most ghosts fall into similar condition but are not really conscious who they are. Someone died in 1865 at 14:26 and 12 seconds. To him nothing had changed it's still 1865 14:26 and 12 seconds. He's stuck in this time and he doesn't know it. Most ghosts are not aware but some are and know what have happened to them. So the majority of ghosts are sort of frozen in a timeless state and don't even know it."

"Their situation is similar to someone who checked into an airport then went to wait at his gate to board his plane but he never does. He is just waiting and waiting but doesn't know that he is waiting and that he has missed his flight. So most ghosts live in a state like that without knowing it because they live in their memories. The plane of existence that they are in reflect and recreate their memories around them as if it is real. In entering a haunted house the ghost/s there are most probably still living in their memories of their time and nothing had changed. You can demolish this house then rebuild another one on the same spot and nothing would change. The ghost would still see the same things around him as if nothing had happened."

"As for reasons why there are ghosts, well the most common ones are attachments to physical objects. Anything physical or made from this world can create spiritual chains with a soul and keeps it here. That can be a house, a table, a ring...etc. Anything that the person used to love/adore while he was still alive can cause him to stay here and chain him to it. And moving this object changes nothing because the ghost will move with it and follow where ever it goes and haunt it. So one can bring a ghost into his home just by bringing in a haunted object like that. Other reasons are ignorance, someone who lived in a house in the country and didn't know much except his own self his own life can also become a ghost and haunt that house. Unfinished business is another reason, someone who was working on an important project for instance and lost his life, he will stay behind and wont move on until a solution is found. There are other reasons of course but these are basically some of the main causes behind a haunting."

"Now for seeing physically a ghost, you have to be a very lucky person to come across one or to catch one on camera because you have to be present at the right place at the right time and at the right angle otherwise you'll miss that very short and very rare opportunity."

"For seeing spiritually ghosts in their own plane of existence and making contact with them is another matter. It is something that is gained through experience and available to some people with abilities in spiritual perceptions. Who over the years have awakened the organs of perception of their soul with proper meditations and who work with their spirit guides(who are on the other side)in bringing in solution/s to the ghost/s that are still here and in need of help."~Patrick Zakhm~

61)-This below is a translation of the interview made in French by CKVL FM 100,1(EDDNP) Montréal Radio Station on October the 31st 2014. (1:42:30.....1:54:54) for Halloween. These are the questions that the host Daniel asked Patrick Zakhm with no prior preparation or knowledge of the questioners. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Host:...Still from EDDNP with a special for Halloween, it's a pleasure to be talking with a authentic ghost hunter, we are with Patrick Zakhm from Montreal paranormal investigations. Good morning Patrick, how are you?
- Patrick: I'm fine how about you?
- Host: I'm very well, for the good of our audience you are calling us from overseas, so there might be some delay in the communication but we should be fine. Patrick Zakhm, you are a paranormal investigator, tell me what is that or what does that do being a paranormal investigator?
- Patrick: It's like being a detective, you try to understand what is going on, you look for haunted sites and try to understand what is going on and try to find solutions.
- Host: For how long you've been doing that type of work?
- Patrick: For about 20 years now.
- Host: How do we learn to be a paranormal investigator, what do you do to start in this field?
- Patrick: We have to have that in your blood, we can also say that you are chosen if you like by the other side by the spiritual world to do that.
- Host: Alright, what brought you in this field? What were the motivations behind that that made you do or start these paranormal investigations?
- Patrick: I was always interested and curious about the paranormal since i was little then in the early of 1990-91 i started visiting haunted sites and became more curious about these things then during a visit to a ESP psychic fair i received a message from a medium that shocked me, i could not understand how this lady could tell me private things about my life like that? Then my curiosity peaked some more and so i took this path.
- Host: So it's after a revelation from a lady that was a medium that helped you and guided you to take this path and do this type of work.
- Patrick: Yes, exactly, the lady was a complete stranger and surprised me how she knew these things about me you know. That made me think that must be seeing somebody that i can't see somebody from my own family who had passed away many years ago and she was being given this information from this deceased person.
- Host: So now you arrive at a haunted site occupied site, you are able to see the ghosts the spirits that are there, is that how it works?
- Patrick: Yes, we can say that but first you need to find sites that are haunted. Haunted sites give off a particular signature that i learned to pick up with time. So every haunted house give off a particular vibration.
- Host: OK, so it's not an odor it's not something visible. - Patrick: It's like someone who is visiting you, you get a visitor at home and this visitor have a particular perfume on him. Now this person stays a bit then leave. What is left behind is his perfume in your house that fills your house,right? So here with ghosts instead of a perfume it's a vibration that is left behind. This vibration cover and surrounds the whole haunted building but concentrated more in a particular spot in the house.
- Co-host and host: So it's a feeling right?
- Patrick: No no it's not a feeling, it comes from outside, it doesn't come from the inside, it's something that comes from the outside.
- Host: So it's not a feeling then. Do you use or does it need the use of particular equipments for ghost hunting?
- Patrick: I'm a sensitive which means I'm a bit a medium and a clairvoyant, I have degrees of different abilities in spiritual perception. It's like I'm a radar that is active all the time and is capable of picking up things that is not from this world.
- Host: OK, like a radar. Does the city of Montreal have a lot of ghosts?
- Patrick: Yes, there's a lot of ghosts in Montreal. There many sites that are haunted where people are living with ghosts and don't know it. Until they do things in the house do changes in the house and this is what can cause a ghost to become active and agitated. Because for the ghost he still think he is still alive and is in his house you see, he's not aware that he is dead.
- Host: Are there good ghosts and bad ghosts or are they all mean or are they all nice ghosts?
- Patrick: No no ghost are people like you and me, it's like people on the street you know the majority we can say are nice right but there are few that are not nice and are mean. It's the same thing you see.
- Host: OK, so it's the same technique for all. When you see a ghost what do you do, do you talk to them do you give them signs, how does it work?
- Patrick: No i don't talk* to them, i greet them and doing that opens a communication if you like between me and them. Then they would show me symbols and signs that i need to decipher to understand what is going on. The way they appear or comes out to me it's all signs, it's a language you see. *(Please note that things had changed in the way Patrick's communicate with souls and ghosts now. With time and experience he is able now to not only see in the spirit world but also communicate in a type of telepathy and empathy form with whoever approach him in the spirit and get a glimpse of where this spirit or soul or ghost are and sometimes even follow souls in their journeys right after the physical death and guide them in what to do and to where they should go if permission was granted of course from the spirit world). Co-host(Francis): Do you work alone or do you work with a team?
- Patrick: I work with a team but sometimes I'm forced to work alone. And over the years I realized that I'm better when I'm by myself.
- Host: Have you come across a demon a devil?
- Patrick: I work with my spirit guides and as long as i follow their guidance i have no problems because my guides know what i can and can't do and know my level of knowledge regarding these types of spirits and so they will not let me go to sites that have spirits that i can't handle. They'll block me and won't let me go there.
- Host: How does your investigations work, does take few days few weeks or is it just a night, do you take a lot of time when you come across a haunted site?
- Patrick: It depends, sometimes right away other times it take time and some cases they stay unsolved. We put them aside them come back to the again a second time.
- Host: You are able to get rid of a ghost if someone wants a ghost to leave you can make them leave?
- Patrick: It depends, most of the time i can. But you see there's a bit of psychology in that because in most cases the ghost is conscious. You have to know how to make them leave because a ghost like that in aware and have conscious that he is at his home and you just can throw somebody out like that you know. You have to know how to cause them to leave. Every case is different you see.
- Host: Do ghosts have emotions?
- Patrick: Yes they do, they are like us, the difference is that they have no physical body.
- Host: They had a physical body in the past right?
- Patrick: Yes they did also there's a difference in their thinking processes, they can't think like us or like when they had a physical body, their thinking is limited.
- Host: What is the oldest ghost you have come across so far, dated from which era?
- Patrick: The oldest one i cam across was a ghost from saint Gabriel, It's a restaurant in old Montreal. He belonged to the 1600-1650 from his cloth from the way he was dressed.
- Host: OK and what was this ghost doing, was he a cook?
- Patrick: He needed help and from the way he was dressed he gave me ideas where he came from. He was dressed something like a pirate dress. And the spiritual perception was very clear, clearer then what we see with the eyes.
- Host:"Captain Morgan" Alright, and if people have problems with ghosts they can communicate with you, to can ask for help from you, you take customers?
- Patrick: Yes can, this is what I've been doing for years. No problem, they are all welcome.
- Host: They can communicate with you how?
- Patrick:...Sometimes people are in other countries so they send me pictures of their house and through pictures I'll try to help them and see spiritually what is there by looking at pictures and try to communicate with the ghosts that are in there.
- Host: You can get rid of ghosts then through the internet?
- Patrick: Just by looking at pictures and adjusting myself to the frequencies of these photos.
- Host: This is a marvelous technology, we can say you are a modern ghost hunter?
- Patrick: We learn these things with time and experiences, It's life that teaches you these things, you can't learn it in any other way. More experiences and more knowledge and understanding you see.
- Host: Thank you very much Patrick Zakhm. We gonna wish you Happy Halloween and we tell our audience how they can communicate with you for your services by visiting Montreal Paranormal Investigations.
- Patrick: Thank you very much all and Happy Halloween.
Host: Happy Halloween Patrick Zakhm
- Patrick: Thank you very much Daniel.
- Host: The ghost hunter Patrick Zakhm was with us.

60)- What is the best technique used in ghost hunting?

"Ghost hunters usually study well the past of the location they are heading to investigate. From experience, the best way is not to do that at all. I only go with basic info and a map on how to get there. I would just walk and see what i pick up, that's how it is with me and that's how i work. I basically follow my intuitions and work with my spirit guides on where to go and where to head to once there. Something important that people should know is that we are all sensitives to a degree, we all come into this world with a vestige in spiritual perception and these are tools that you can use in ghost hunting. Another thing to mention is serenity of your mind while ghost hunting. The purer and quieter your mind is(not thinking of what you are doing)and calmer emotionally inside(not excited and all of what you are doing here or what you might catch)the more sensitive and receptive to your surroundings you become."~Patrick Zakhm~

59)- How to know if an entity is in an apartment, and if so what to do ? I'm not very good in English. My question is about my daughter. She is 22 and since she was born she have dreams who always tell the future. She moves in a new apartment and last night the furniture move in the apartment, the door of the toilet open and close, the ashtray skid on the kitchen table and she can't sleep, she feels uneasy and anxious. Her dog don't open a eye. I don't know why, but when she told me that, I fell a strange cold and have difficulty to breath. So I search on the Net because it was also my job and I find "Niet"Nothing interesting about how to react, what to do to confirm if a "ghost" is in the place and if so what to do. How to know if it's bad.Thank you.

"Well you have mentioned some of the activities encountered usually in a haunted location. These activities are caused most of the time by a ghost trying to attract attention or to show displeasure and scare people away. You see most ghosts are not aware they are no longer in the physical they are no longer alive. They live in their memories and think they are alive and well. Then all of a sudden they see strangers/intruders in their home doing what they please. So of course they're gonna be upset. Animals usually can give you an idea of the situation in there. If a dog or a cat or a rabbit or a bird doesn't seem to be bothered that mean it's still in the OK domain. Keep your eyes on your animals and see how they react. You can learn a lot if you can read their behavior."

"As for what to do? This is where you call in a sensitive paranormal investigator. Not much you can do yourself really. Each haunting is different so it's better to call in someone to help you out understand what is going on and why. In general Ghosts can see you and see your emotions and your thoughts. If you don't know who to call you can try talking to the ghost in the meantime in a way to calm them down and to explain the situation until you find a sensitive paranormal investigator. You have to talk from your heart thought and mean what you say for it to have an effect. After all ghosts are people like you and me so they understand if you know what to say to them and how you say that. But the most important thing of all is to know is what is going on exactly? And this is where a sensitive paranormal investigator excel in the most. It's like you are sick so you go to your family doctor. Your doctor cannot prescribe medication to you just like that unless of course he examines you and see what is going on first."

"People who have ghosts sometimes(in hope of getting rid of a ghost of course)create more problems then solutions because they do things they should not have done in their home. So it's better to let those who are experienced in this field to deal with what they have and not to try themselves fixing something they know nothing about."~Patrick Zakhm~

58)- I have lost my father some time ago and the thing is i keep thinking of him non stop. I can't stop thinking about him and how much i miss him. He was my father and my best friend. one thing i have heard over a few times and have trouble understanding. How is it that we have no control over spirits, when and where they appear, how is it that we have the unfortunate ability with our thoughts to keep those who have passed from moving on to where they are suppose to be going? It would be so much easier if they CAN make themselves appear someway or another and confirm and re-assure that they indeed are there and that there is a life after, and that they will be there when we get there. THIS would be so much easier on everyone on the planet. This would make the difference from the truth and wishful thinking wouldn't it? Patrick i want to thank you for taking your time to write me back and spend time explaining things to me. its much appreciated

"There's no simple answer to that but i will explain few things to you and hopefully these will bring you some light and help you understand. We have no control because spirits belong to another realm another plane of existence that has it's own laws and rules of existence that spirits are forced to follow just as we here are bound to follow the laws of the physical world. Spirits belong to the spirit world and people think of the spirit world as something far away from us distant and separate, where in fact it is not. Our existence, the physical world is based on the spirit world or spiritual world just like a house is built on a base or a car on a chassis, invisible to us but we know it's there it exist. Take the base of the house or the car chassis away and you have no house and no car. The same is with the spirit world."

"From what i have seen and experienced spiritually and naturally(close to 20 years in this field)is that we actually co-exist with many spiritual plane all at the same time but vibrating at different frequencies that we know nothing about or aware of because our physical senses and our brains are only made to comprehend and see and experience the physical world. These planes of existence resemble an onion or the layers/skins of an Onion if you like but each is on a different frequency. And each has it's own laws and their inhabitants are forced to follow just as we here are forced to follow the laws that govern our physical world. We know nothing about these worlds because we have no senses/tools/equipments to render them visible to our senses and of course we have no understanding on how they work. To be able to penetrate these planes we turn to the soul. The soul(everyone have one whether one believe in it or not makes no difference at all)our soul our essence, who we are, the part that never dies or touched by our physical death is not from this plane but from another. The soul if you like is like the driver of a car, the driver of our physical body. Emotions, feelings, thoughts are part of the soul and what we experience in our brain and body in activities and secretions and all that are just echos or just effects of the real thing just like the heat from a fire is an effect from the fire and not the fire itself. The soul has already it's spiritual organs since this is what she uses in it's world. Through proper meditations technics(not any type of meditations of course)one has to find the right meditations for himself first or he could hurt himself psychologically. And through particular way of living and attitude toward the world around him one can awaken or develop(all with the help of his spirit guides of course)spiritual organs of perception of the soul. Those interesting in developing spiritual abilities in perception usually run to a library and pick up all kind of books on meditations and start working on themselves thinking this is how it is done. Where in fact this is how a person can put himself in danger psychologically with a possibility of no return from that."

"In the physical world we are constantly bombarded at all time by all sorts of impressions coming from all around us. And all these have the effect to drown our soul, to pull it out from it's spiritual world and put it more into this world, the world of the senses. And this tend to increase the soul's attention more to what is coming through the physical senses and weakening it's attention and what it's coming through the spiritual senses. And this have an effect to put(so to speak)these subtil organs of the soul to sleep. Making the soul with that open with time mainly to the physical plane and almost blind to the spiritual one and what is coming through from it. But not everyone is like that, luckily. Many souls, many people have kept a weak connection to the spirit world and keep on receiving now and then information and guidance through intuitions, Gut feelings, unexplained impulses of going here or there without knowing why and to discover later that it helped us(or friends and loved ones)avoid all kind of life threatening situations. That's why i always say listen to your heart, listen to your intuitions, listen to these Gut feelings and impulses and don't try to understand them logically because you can't. Trying so only disturb and disrupt the information that is being relayed to you from higher realms."

"Now suppose one has worked on himself and found the right way spiritually and developed or awakened his abilities in spiritual perception and his conscious and understanding of life has expanded tremendously he will realize with time and experience that he cannot see anything spiritual of the spirit worlds if this world don't want/allow him to see. He will discover that these things cannot be willed to see them or controlled in anyway to get information from. A permission needs to be granted first otherwise he won't get nothing no matter how spiritually he has evolved. If you are not allowed to see then you won't see a thing. Just like a receiver or a radio set. The radio can pick up nothing if there was no broadcasting stations. The same it is here to the one who can see beyond the physical. So, the spirit world will show you what you are allowed to see and not what you want to see."

"As for thinking too much of someone who had passed away. Thinking like that can keep a soul close by chained to the thoughts and emotions that were created by the person behind the thinking, preventing the soul from moving on. But sometimes a soul of a departed person can come close on it's own to see a loved one still living in the physical world. If someone had died many years ago then all of a sudden you start thinking about him for no apparent reason, that means he is nearby and he can see you and hear you and feel your emotions and know what you are going through inside."

"Other souls get to be chained here for other reasons and this is what ghosts are. Ghosts are souls of people like you and me who have stayed behind because of the way they lived there lives here, this way have chained them to the phycial world, to physical objects they adored and loved. Anything physical object that a person used to adore or love can create a spiritual chain between the object and the soul and keep it here as a ghost. There are many other reasons that can create chaines and hold souls here as ghosts but this is the most common one, attachments to physical objects. Also, materialist way of living and thinking is another. To name a few, unfinished business is yet another, for example someone was working on a very important project and died before he ever finish it. The way one dies or the matter death was brought in is also another reason."

"Thoughts are a powerful thing, specially if there was emotions involved. Same emotions and thoughts merge and become greater and stronger. If you hear the news sometimes, there are cases where people loose it then go ballistics on innocent people killing many then taking their own lives at the end. What brought this condition is the state this person was in first, the state of anger. His state has pulled in many lost souls in similar emotionally state of anger as his(some are even much more then his)merging together with his and becoming a bomb of rage and anger. This blinding uncontrollable rage gets released on innocent civilians. Then at the end the person usually takes his own life afterward because he wakes up from this state and cannot understand why he did what he did and what was the reason for this craziness."

"Why spirits don't show themselves to everyone you ask? Because not everyone can handle that. Spirits show themselves to those who are able to see them and can handle their perception because you see from the location where these spirits are the view of what is coming up ahead lay in front of them. They can see way up ahead and in advance people's thoughts and their reaction afterward and how a person would react to a perception like that. And if they see any kind of danger or effect that could change the person in any way that is contrary to what his future is bringing him then they won't show themselves. And when they do show themselves there's a language that is used by them, language of symbolism and metaphors, similar to the dreams we have every night. The dreams we have every night are their creations, messages in symbols and metaphors, basically preparing the dreamer to what is heading his way in experiences and emotions."

"And just as there are spirits that wants to help men evolve spiritually, there are other types of spirits that wants the opposite, to stay in the materialist world. Materialism is one of their influence. They want people to stay blind in regard to the spirit world because the more people stay in the dark the stronger theses spirits influence become on these people afterward. They want people to think, to live, to feel materialistically so they can have full control over them after the physical death experience"

"In the past, ancient civilizations, our ancestors had much heightened spiritual consciousness and awareness and were able to see what most of us cannot today that lies behind the physical. And to these they called them Gods and created stories and legends that depicts them and phenomenons and events belongings to these realms because they were beyond the description of ordinary words. But today under the effect of materialism and science all that are just stories, imaginations and hallucinations."~Patrick Zakhm~

57)- What is a Ouija board and can anybody use one, is it safe?

"A Ouija board is a medium or a tool to communicate with the spirit plane using a little bit of your will and the rest is added by the spirit's will to move a pointer on letters of the alphabet and with that transmit a word or a message. This is a very dangerous tool to play with. People think it's just a toy but in reality it's anything but a toy and it's not something people wanna play with. The board itself is nothing and it's not dangerous the danger lies in what people concentrate their thoughts on, this is the dangerous part here. This concentration depending on how strong or intense it is can rupture the subtil invisible layer/s that separate the physical from the spiritual planes and let in all kind of spirits. Usually those spirits that come through are tricksters, they may sound nice and polite and know things and helpful but in reality they are not. This group concentration usually opens a portal somewhere near where the Ouija board was used and that's how spirits move in. Some ghosts can also move in or drop in like we have seen in previous investigations without being aware where they are and a house might become haunted all of a sudden, not because it was haunted but because of what moved in through this portal. Ounce a portal is open it cannot be closed easily. And what ever come through can follow you around no matter where you go. Many people reported seeing a black shadowy figure that appeared out of the blue right after using the Ouija board and could not get rid of this thing no matter what they did. Others reported seeing a short old hag around the house that seem to come in to drain the energies of some people. This is an energy scavenger spirit that live on people's energies making them feel weak and drained as long as they are in their house or where the portal is. And burning or destroying the board can make things worse."~Patrick Zakhm~

56)- I have an EMF meter and an EVP recorder, 1 camcorders with infra red light recording capabilities and 1 digital camera and a notebook with 2 webcams for recording and some infra red lights. Do i need anything else to start ghost hunting?

"These are just fine but one needs more then just tools to catch ghosts. Having the most sophisticated tools does not really give you more chances to catch anything. Usually the most interesting ghost shots have been caught when least expected and with a simple ordinary camera and no fancy equipments were nearby. Many ghosts have been caught by people who follow their intuitions gut feelings and the impulses that come to them to take pics of here or of there without thinking much of what they are doing. One just need to follow these impulses because they are guidance coming from higher realms.

"From experience the best gadgets is still us, we are the best instruments to pick up ghosts because it's our souls that is picking up all these info. We all have a soul and souls have spiritual organs (just like our physical bodies have senses)that let us see beyond the physical. What belongs to the souls world. When these organs are active or awake one can see phenomenons beyond the reach of the senses or thought understanding since these things cannot be understood through thinking or thought processes, only through experiences. But the thing to respect here the most is that when our spiritual organs are awake we cannot see without our spirit guides permissions. We all have many spirit guides all the time with us and we also get momentary visits from other guides in moment of difficulties inspiring us solutions. So if our guides allow us to see we will see, you cannot will it to see, it does not work like that, willing to see gives you erroneous info that may look true but they are not. Willing to see give green light to some types of entities that do not follow the laws of the universe to act and give you mainly false information with only few percents in correct info."

"The best tool to have is a good digital camera that can take burst shots WITH burst flash. Meaning that it can take several shots say 3 in a second but also causes the flash to fire 3 times as well at the same time. This way if there's something in front of you you'll see it in motion or get an idea about it's trajectory and give you a better understanding of what it could be or what it is doing. Because just a shot is not enough to tell if for instance an orb is an orb. You have to see it in motion. Another tool is an infrared camcorder, tape ones are better if you can still find tape camcorders, tape recorders are also better then digital recorders, they record everything, digital can miss things. Infra red light is good to have too. EMF meter is good to have too but it has to have a PEAK HOLD button, because when there's a ghost nearby the emf meter can shoot high up momentarily and then falls back down and so if you don't have the peak hold setting you won't see that you'll miss it. Also be careful cellphones and other radios can create magnetic surges, experiment with that a bit to see what i mean."

"These are the most important to have. The digital camera is one of the most important tool. Also sometimes when there's a ghost/s batteries suddenly die, used or new ones makes no difference. Like they become completely flat, empty all of a sudden and sometimes equipments stop working too or start acting up in a way you have not seen before. Ghosts appear sometimes as a very light mist invisible to the eyes but with the proper flash light they become visible. Ghosts sometimes affect the working components of some electronic equipments, this is just to keep in mind. And no matter how expensive a camera or an equipment is it makes no difference at all. Sometimes memory cards also gets wiped out."

"Also to remember, it's better to ghost hunt without expecting to catch anything. The less you think of what you are doing the better. And always follow your impulses to take a snap shot here or there. Just follow these vague impulses of taking pictures here or there and do not try to analyze or understand why. And listen to your feelings and gut feeling. A gut feeling is info and guidance coming from higher planes and last only for few seconds and other times few minutes but then it goes away. Also some of our spirit guides talk to us in feelings. But again do not think much of what i just said or suggested of doing, just take note of that. There are people who work hard to become a paranormal investigator and there are others who are born already paranormal detectives and ghost hunters by nature and have this particular attitude that is important in ghost hunting."

"For those who have a group, a very good idea when bringing your group to a supposedly haunted location is not to tell them anything in advance about what they are heading and what's there and fill their heads, just give them the basics in info and no details then see what those in your group pick up ounce there. This is what a good ghost hunting team in my opinion should do."~Patrick Zakhm~

55)- How would changing the interior of a house create paranormal activities from a ghost?

"Most ghosts are not aware of their physical death, one second they were in the physical plane then before that same second ends they are no longer. And they don't realize or notice that because of the characteristics of the plane they moved in after. It has a reflective inner experience quality. Meaning that memories of the physical plane gets recreated and become the ghosts's surroundings as if nothing had changed to them. Thoughts are realities in that plane you see. Now imagine someone attached spiritually to his home and land and dying at home and he's not aware of that, that he's no longer in the physical plane. Now because of his attachment his soul stays here attached to the house and now he's a ghost. To him all is well and nothing had changed. Time passes by, years, decades and so on and nothing changes to him since the passage of time is no longer felt, time ceases to exist."

"For example, let's suppose it was 1692 July the 5th at 6:30 pm when this person died, to him as a ghost now it's still exactly that the same date and nothing not a minute has passed. But then the house over the years gets new owners of course and that's when usually paranormal incidences starts occurring. The ghost can see the souls of the new owners and seeing their souls is similar to seeing these people in the physical. The physical body is an image of the soul, carved and molded and modeled by the soul to reflects it's inner traits, qualities, characteristics and so forth.

Now depending on the ghost and what's he's seeing, he can stay calm or become violent since the new owners are strangers in the ghost's house you see. Imagine yourself waking up one day and seeing a complete stranger eating in your kitchen, just like that out of the blue, what would you do? Of course there are many case scenarios that could occur as you can imagine. If the stranger in your house look OK and he's not doing anything wrong or damaging to the house your reaction to him would be different then if he's doing something to your house wouldn't it not?"

"Imagine that occurring to a ghost, his reaction can be anything, but usually it's kept under control and calm. But then what if the ghost talk to this guy in his kitchen and ask him who he is and what is he doing in the house and how did he get in, politely? Of course the intruder is not going to answer because he can't see nobody or hear anything. You see where I'm heading with that? Things can get violent because the stranger is not reacting to the owner talking to him and respect is not being shown or given to the ghost and this is his house(or that's what the ghost think anyways). Imagine if this stranger(new owner)starts changing the house? You've heard of Poltergeist right? That's what a poltergeist is, a ghost or ex owner very pissed and wanting people out of his house. Things can start moving and flying in the house to show displeasure, just as you would if you saw a stranger in your house and he's not answering you or responding to whatever you are saying, you start to throw things, make noises etc.just to get attention or to scare the intruder, to force him out. The ghost do the same. But how can a ghost who is not physical toss things or move things around you may ask? Well what we see in the physical plane all that we see is a manifestation of something higher."

"Everything that we see here have an essence, has it's own idea, it's own thought, like heat from a fire. The heat is not the fire, it's a by product of the fire. Move the fire you move the heat. This is a rough example but you get the idea. So ghosts can move physical things by moving the ideas or the essence of these physical things. But not all ghosts can do that, a ghost have to have a strong will or had a strong will when he was still in the physical world. The will is a force in the soul and can be used afterward after the physical death just as the will was used to move and control the physical body.

So in all and all paranormal activities that starts to occur in a haunted house is all because of a big misunderstanding between a ghost who still think he's still alive and well and living at his home and people who move in as tenants or owners then start changing the house as they please. This is basically one of the most common reasons why a ghost would react to people(strangers) in his house, there are also other reasons sometimes but they are rare."~Patrick Zakhm~

54)- Could you describe what you meant during the TV interview you had in Lebanon by "ghosts are like humans beings waiting to board a plane"?

"Ghosts are not like humans beings, they are people like you and me, that have not left the physical plane completely. They are stuck in between planes and they don't know it. They were suppose to go back to the spirit plane to where we all come from but they have not. And i used the airport example to give people an idea of their situation because these things can be understood better with examples."

"A ghost situation is like someone traveling to another country, he checks in and all then he goes to his gate and wait to board his plane. But he never does, he's at his gate and stays at that gate and doesn't realize that. He just sits and wait but sees no passage of time because where he is time stops, it ceases to exist, time does no longer exist. Imagine yourself sleeping in a closed lit room with no windows or watch, as long as you are still awake you have an idea of the time and date. But what if you take a nap then wake up later? Do you still know what time it is? No of course, you lost your contact with time. You know time has passed but you don't know how much and you didn't see it passing because the room you are in is still lit the same way it was lit before taking your nap. Now imagine taking several more naps? After waking up you now completely have no idea what time it is, you become completely lost in time. And that's what an unconscious ghost fall into sometimes".

"So a ghost, most ghosts situations resembles the airport example because they are suppose to go somewhere but they don't. Other ghosts situations(which are rare) are the condition of being aware they are no longer in the physical and knowing they have went through the physical death experience but they stay here because they are attached emotionally and spiritually to something or somebody in the physical plane or still have important unfinished business. And that had chained their souls here. Other ghost situations are caused because of the material lives have led here and that had created materiel love and adoration which keeps them here because they know nothing else beside this. They are physically dead but their souls still linger here as ghosts."~Patrick Zakhm~

53)- You mention being honest or leading an honest life is important, how honesty is essential to make contact with ghosts?

"It's not essential to make contact, it's a very important part to evolve spiritually. Because you would be vibrating in harmony with the universe and your soul lights up and the more you light up the more you become visible to the spirit plane and more spirit guides will approach you and guide you, you become a beacon of light to the other side. And honesty is not the only thing that is important in order to open up to the spirit world and attract good spirit guides. This will help you also differentiate between the different types of souls and spirits. The genuine and the true from the ones that aren't that are here to pollute your perception and misguide you. Proper meditations is important also. Your behavior toward the world, people, animals, respect, unconditional compassion and love are all ingredients to develop properly and correctly the spiritual organs of perception of your soul. You can think of all these similar to the natural ingredients from vitamins in the soil to light from the sun and so on that a plants needs in order to create normal looking and beautiful flowers. Now remove one ingredient or two or more from the plant natural diet and necessary ingredients and you might still get some flowers but they will look deformed twisted and unhealthy.The same is needed for the soul, the proper ingredients are needed in order to develop properly the organs of perception of the soul."~Patrick Zakhm~

52)- I red about ghost signatures on your site, what are these exactly?

"It's not easy to describe in words but ghost signatures resembles if you like the spread of a perfume in a house with a the difference that it carries personal information on the ghosts. Let's suppose someone come to pay you a visit at home and this visitor had a particular perfume on him. This person stays a bit then leaves. Now what is left behind from him is his perfume correct? You gonna keep on smelling it for a bit of time. Now imagine you are able o see that perfume, see how it's spread out and where it is concentrated the most in your house? Is it where this person sat the most? Then you'll get an idea about what a ghost signature is and how it works. But here with the ghost signature it's the ghost's character, his nature and emotional state is what is spread out all over a haunted house and concentrated where the ghost appears or had appeared the most in the physical plane."

"And it's not a sensation or anything like some people think, it's outside of you in front of you present. And has nothing to do with you. It exist and it is found in all haunted sites. Spread out differently inside and around a haunted place with different degrees and intensity and where it is concentrated the most is where the ghost manifest in our physical plane the most, his favorite area if you like. Sometimes a sensitive can read or pick up personal information too connected to the ghost like his gender, age and emotional state of the ghost, conscious or unconscious of his physical death and other things too. Each haunting is different."~Patrick Zakhm~

51)- I know that this is not connected to ghosts but do you believe in the existence of aliens?

"Yes i do and this isn't based on a belief thing but from what I've seen so far. You see being able to feel, sense and sometimes seeing ghosts spiritually opens you up and awakens you to other things in our world as well as to what is beyond. In one incidence(among many)that i can share with you, i was meditating in a pitch black room like i usually do. And it seems that my meditation have put me spiritually in a state of consciousness that made me penetrate(if you like)the physical layer and put me in another plane of existence and brought me in front of something that was not fully human. This perception was extremely clear and in high definition, better then what a person see with a 20/20 vision. It seemed that i entered his realm uninvited and i had for some reason zoomed in close to this being's face. He was sitting down and awake and he seemed to be monitoring something as if there are screens in front of him and he was watching them similar to a security guard in a building watching the screens from security cameras in front of him. Then i zoomed out a bit away from him and then he turned to his right and did some pushing or twisting on whatever equipments that were in front of him and all of a sudden i was kicked out from his plane. This hideous thing looked like us(even though he wasn't pleasant to look at)with some differences, the head was like a human head a bit squarish and he had a dark green skin which was covered with scales, fish scales that is, these scales were actually more his skin then covering it. His eyes looked like ours with no pupils or lenses or color, just a big pitch black circles in the middle. The area around these black circles were dark also but much lighter."

"There are extra terrestrial beings from other galaxies and there are intra terrestrial beings that coexist with us at the same time but in another vibratory planes and some of these are the architects behind the scenes of some of the phenomenons and incidences that occurs in our physical world. These intra terrestrial beings seems to live in other planes that are beyond our physical sensory perceptions or understanding. These planes reassembles the different layers of an onion if you like but each layer or in this case each plane of existence is vibrating at a different existence frequency that are beyond our perception and awareness since our ordinary consciousness can only grasp the physical world."~Patrick Zakhm~

50)- As a writer and creator of a website about Montreal's paranormal activity, you are obviously interested in the subject, why is that? Did anything in particular spark your interest?

"I've always had a very perceptive nature even when i was a child, something of a natural detective if you like. I would notice things that others would miss and that made me question things. For example you are walking down the street you turn for no apparent reason and you look into the eyes at somebody in a building behind you staring at you from several stories up. I think everyone have had that experience at least ounce but not many have thought of it, what is going on? How did i know this or that person was staring at me? Or for instance out of the blue you start thinking of somebody you have not seen for a while then all of a sudden that same person calls you on the phone just like that. What is happening here? What made me think of that person in that particular time just before he called me?"

"As i grew older i started going through experiences much stranger then the ones given as examples above, then one day as i was visiting an ESP psychic Fair in Place Bonaventure(this is in around 1996)i was approached by a medium asking permission if she can come to me to give me a message. The Fair had an open area with chairs where psychics and mediums would visit and give free messages for people from the other side. So i accepted even though i was someone of a skeptic at first regarding these phenomenons. Then she started describing somebody coming through that i didn't know and told me personal things about him."

"I didn't believe any of that at first and i was only a listener but i took notes of what she said. Then later on i started asking around about a person that the medium described for me and what he used to do in life and so on. That person later on turned out to be my grandfather(mother side)who died before i was even born supposedly murdered in Africa at the hands of jealous shoemakers because he was a very good shoemaker and was giving shoes for free for people who could not afford buying shoes."

"That experience with the medium peaked my curiosity toward everything paranormal and made me wounder, how can a complete stranger who i haven't met before knew these detailed things? I was always interested and skeptic at the same time toward these things like psychics and mediums and ghosts but that experience made me more and more interested and intrigued. Then i started reading and meditating following a guidance that was coming through me and guiding me on how to meditate properly. Then with time i started getting visitations in my meditations at first from people who have passed away and who i didn't know but later discovering who they were."

"More and more similar experiences followed. Then little by little i started visiting supposedly haunted sites on my own making contact occasionally or sensing the ghost/s and that being confirmed later and with time i started picking up sites that are haunted from outside. Ghosts that are haunting building give off a particular signature from outside and that's what i started picking up."

"Every haunted house i came across gave a different signature and different intensity and sometimes information about the ghosts came through too. Since i had cameras with me where ever i go and pictures were compiling more and more i decided then to create a website and put on all these shots on with my experiences. From that small website i started getting emails from people asking ghost questions and experiencing haunting. Then i decided to move my small website to another server and that's where was born, in 2001-2002. Then after that i created The Montreal Ghost Tracking Meetup Group after receiving more and more emails regarding ghosts and haunting."

"The following is one of the experiences i have had. One of the books I'm working on right now will have most of my experiences in it. Below is a description of what I've experienced one time:"

"This occurred several years ago during a meditation. I used to meditate sitting down with criss crossed legs in pitch darkness then one time as i was into that i all of a sudden saw somebody coming forward toward me. It was like something opened up and this gentleman started coming in my direction. The perception was extremely clear, clearer then what one can see with a 20/20 vision. I did not know who this person was. He was dressed in a priest cloth and he was holding an open book in his hands. Then he looked at me then looked at the book while passing left then right his index finger of his left hand over the pages/text. This priest would look at me while moving his index finger left and right as if reading or wanting me to read. He stayed a bit visible then he moved to the side and was no longer visible."

"Then as he moved out of sight somebody else came through but didn't come close, it stayed at a distance. It was two females standing in pure white light and they were a bit far from me. I could only see their silhouettes and feel they are women, one was a little girl and the other a very tall older woman. Then they both said "HEYYYYYY !!" or "HELLOOOO !!" something like that and felt as if they were waving to me. This is the thought and feeling that struck me. This is the only thing that came from them then few seconds later they were gone and i stopped seeing them. As i stopped seeing them something else deeper came forth or opened up to me as if i was going deeper in perception. The third perception was not human. In part it was something from the physical world and in the other part it was not human but a living being holding on to something physical. This perception lasted only a bit then it stopped. I then was back in my room. Through all these perceptions i wasn't aware that i was in my room, my body was but not my soul. It took me many years later to discover who these people were. The man in a priest cloth was an uncle of mine that died many years before i was born. The two females were cousins of mine that both died in freak accidents when i was young, each in a different accident. One from a drunken driver and the other from a sniper bullet in Lebanon bouncing off several walls before ending up in my cousin's throat killing her instantly as all of her blood gushed out in front of her father."

"There is a page on my site called "Strange Experiences" and on that page many other experiences that i have had are mentioned. Also on the "q'n'a" page there's a description of an experience i had in Lourdes, France not long ago. And during an interview on i mentioned yet another experience that i had with my ghost tracking group members. Below are links to these pages:"~Patrick Zakhm~

49)- What was your goal when building the website?

"It was to share my experiences with people and make others who also have experienced similar experiences to come out and share theirs with everyone else as well. And to awaken people to the fact that we don't die with death, nobody does. What is made of the physical world only dies and nothing else. The essence, who we are, the "I", the soul does not die because it's not made from this world. I think if we all share our experiences among each other the world be understood and appreciated in a better way."~Patrick Zakhm~

48)- You have an abundant amount of information on your website, how you acquire information about new haunted areas?

"I have developed over time the ability to pick up signatures vibes of haunted buildings from outside like i have mentioned previously. Occasionally i also receive emails from people directing me to haunted building they have lived in before and where they saw ghostly apparitions and experienced paranormal activities."~Patrick Zakhm~

47)- Do you ever get nervous before visiting an area? What is your most frightening encounter(s) experienced? Any in Montreal?

"I don't remember being nervous before visiting a haunted area. I work with my spirit guides and so when i go into a haunted house i'm not alone spiritually. I have had ounce or twice experiences or encounters not to a degree to call it frightening but it had some degrees of fear in it. I have mentioned one here on if you'd like to read about it, please check the link below:"~Patrick Zakhm~

46)- Any recommended areas for the daring Dawson students to visit this season?

"Sure, i suggest visiting :"

"Saint Gabriel's Inn in the Old Port Of Montreal. It's haunted by many ghosts belonging to different time periods, i saw two of these ghosts there. You need permission though to go through the Inn which is a restaurant now. The most famous ghost there is a little girl that died in the 1800 in a fire. Go in and ask permission to look around. Tell them you are interested in ghosts. The bartender when you go in on your right usually have ghost stories to share and knows me.

"- Prison Des Patriotes also have several ghosts, i saw one of them and a good friend of mine(Aurora)have caught a voice in EVP, the recording is on meetup Montreal Ghost Tracking Group page."

"- Chateau Ramsey also have several ghosts, ask those who work there and they'll tell you plenty of stories that visitors had experienced. To add to that the last time i was there i had an interesting experience myself too."

"When you go in and start your tour you pass through several rooms. And in one of these room as i got in and started taking pictures i felt all of a sudden the presence of a well dressed pretty woman not very pleased standing up in front of me(it seems that she was sitting down) then heading few meters away from me then sitting back down again. She seemed to be drowned in thoughts like she's swimming in her thoughts and like me i came in with this flashing thing(my camera)and disturbed her so she decided to move away. My camera takes burst mode shots with several flashes so for every burst shots you get 3 shots with 3 consecutive flashes in about a second or so. So if I'm taking a lot of burst mode in this setting you gonna see a lot of flash firings. And that might explain why she just stood up and walked away then sat back down again a bit farther. Similar to someone who pulls out a cigarette in front of you then lights it up then start smoking and you can't stand the smell of cigarettes you gonna stand up then walk away from this person and his smoke."

"- Mary queen Of The world cathedral on Rene Levesque and guy street have several ghosts, i came in contact with one of them.

"- Saint James Church on Saint Catherine street (near MC Gill subway station) also have several ghosts, i picked up one of them one time sitting up on the balcony. People have also reported seeing a couple sitting up there on the lower side of the balcony."

"- Le Caveau restaurant is haunted by several ghosts. One of these ghosts followed me one time as i was leaving the restaurant, a little boy with no face. I tried making contact with that ghost when i was inside but got nothing. It's only as i was leaving that showed up spiritually to me and followed me and stayed with me for around 15 minutes, then he was gone."

"- There's also the Westmount house. This place is extremely haunted by many ghosts. This place is by it's intense ghost vibes resembles a tiny prison cell full of prisoners. Visit the pages on that mansion on my site. Several ghosts were caught on cameras there from outside."

"- Also check out the "q'n'a" page linked below. In one question there's mention of several haunted buildings in Montreal:"~Patrick Zakhm~

45)- Can a sensitive paranormal investigator be a good crime detective?

"Absolutely. A paranormal investigator is actually a detective by nature. To understand what is going on in a haunted location a detective work needs to be done to try to understand the situation and what is happening or happened exactly. The sensitive paranormal investigator(or SPI)though can use his spiritual abilities in perception to his advantage and be far ahead of a crime detective. Visiting a crime scene a sensitive paranormal investigator can read the environment around and tap into the Akashic records to see what had happened here exactly, all of course with the help and permission of his spirit guides. Meaning that emotions all kind of emotions that a person experience leave a trace behind that a sensitive can see spiritually. For instance a violent crime has occurred the victim suffers horrible pain in silence and was tortured and then a body was found in a building. A SPI stepping in there will be able to see and read the emotions that occurred in there and where. By looking at a dead body he can tell you if it was murdered where it was found or displaced from another site, killed there then brought where it was found. Did the found body suffer? If it did or if it didn't this can be felt/read from the environment around the dead body too. A suspect get arrested and questioned and says no he's innocent and has nothing to do with this murder. Now if he's telling the truth or lying a SPI can pick up that from his voice because from the energies around the suspect and from the vibes in his voice he can tell you if the truth is coming out or only lies. Truth don't have a frontier but lies do. And when truth is coming out the whole body is expressing it but when just lies that are coming out the person's facial expressions are just cold and non existent, there's none actually."

An SPI work also with his spirit guides all the time and is shown sometimes vivid images of solutions and answers in metaphoric and symbolic language that needs proper translation first before gaining any info from them. Again a SPI has to have permission from his spirit guides to do most of that mentioned above because these guides can see all kind of dangers and difficulties far ahead of us in time and work to keep the SPI from harms way. And nothing can be forced out, if there's something that a senstive needs to know then his spirit guides will show it to him."~Patrick Zakhm~

44)- Going with your group for a ghost investigation, does this make things more interesting or maybe more fun?

"Going with several paranormal investigators can help brings in more spiritual information sometimes regarding a haunting then if you go without a group. You see, to make contact with a ghost he has to allow you to see him, so he chooses which person to make contact with. And so if there were several people with abilities in spiritual perception present then there are more chances of making contact then if you were by yourself. Sometimes things get very interesting because each person notice or pick up different things. Then at the end we put all these together to get a better picture of what is going on. It's like a puzzle thing you know and every person brings in a piece of the puzzle."~Patrick Zakhm~

43)- Is this type of work lonely and does it need a lot of reflection and symbol decoding?

"It's not really lonely when you know how these things work. And actually being lonely help you see more things then if you were with other people. And reflection and symbol and metaphor decoding is what this work is all about, specially if you are working with your spirit guides because their communications come to you most of the time in the form of symbols and metaphors. And you have to decipher them properly to understand the messages within."~Patrick Zakhm~

42)- Can death be seen or felt and maybe avoided before it occurs or hits a person?

"Death before it hits can only be felt when someone is about to die in a freak accident. People who die in freak accidents give off a very strange feeling of detachment or separation. When you look at someone about to die in this way he will feel to you out of place with his surrounding. You'll feel that he's no longer part of his surrounding and this particular feeling appears few seconds before this person gets hit, run over or squashed to death by something. And there ain't nothing anybody can do about that to stop it. What you can only do is to get away as far as you can from this individual because his time is about to come and you don't wanna be near him when this happen. Very rarely the death of a person usually very dear to the dreamer can be seen in a dream put into a metaphoric and symbolic experience. This brings to mind a sad story i have heard in the news a while ago about a girl(sorry don't remember her name) who escaped death in a Toronto rampage but then died in another horrible rampage in the states in a movie theater after an armed man went in and started shooting at people, killing many, one was that girl. In her first escape she described the feeling that came over her, she didn't call it death though but it was death. That strange feeling that came over her made her go outside in the right moment and saved her life. Somebody from the other side made her for some reason aware of that feeling that precedes death and got her out in the right time. But in the states because she was watching a preview of the new Batman movie coming out i think with all the noise and distractions from that she missed noticing that same feeling again that had saved her life previously. If she was outside or in a quiet area i think she would have felt that same feeling again and knew what to do and probably would have made her move away or get out or go away just like it did in the first time."~Patrick Zakhm~

41)- Do souls on the other side influence us in a way to hurt us?

"The dead actually do influence us consciously and help us in these through inspirations and other times they cause unconsciously problems to us. You hear in the news people loosing it and start shooting other people then at the end kill themselves because they wake up and see what they have done and so they loose the will to live and decide to punish themselves because they wake up from that state that pushed them to do what they did."

"The person who killed all these people had very angry souls that were stuck on him and were feeding his anger. These unconscious souls still angry from the way they have died or what happened prior to their death, So these souls get pulled in by people who are experiencing intense similar anger state in the physical world and boost their anger to a point where they loose control of themselves and release that on others. I have talked about that in my first book Haunted Places. Similar emotions attract similar emotions and merge together and the outcome is multiplied many time over. And what you end up is a bomb of anger that explodes on people."

"So there are souls out there filled with anger and rage that are floating around us(not in this plane but in another)that gets attracted to people that are in the same emotional type of situation they are in. If a lost angry soul sticks to you you might still have some control but if 2 or 3 that s it you lose control. And if a person pulls in souls in this condition and doesn't know what to do he will forcibly harm others. You remember the Chinese guy who killed a person on a greyhound bus about a year or 2 i think? I think it was in Alberta, he severed his head and blood was all over and when he was arrested he was asking the police to kill him to shoot him because he didn't know what was going on in him. After he was taken away and treated and given medications his energies and vibrations changed because of what they gave him. And when your vibration changes the influence of these lost souls full of rage stuck on you weakens tremendously but it doesn't go away. The souls that are still in an angry state are still there but are on another frequency. What one needs to do here is to send pure white light to these souls around him, just flood them with light and keep flooding them with light until they let go of you and you'll know when that happen because all the anger you had will just disappear."

"Some unconscious souls are real lost, like dead leaves in the wind. I have drawn some tiny figures on the back cover of my first book haunted places that reflects that. Small souls in the form of leaves flying in the wind. So it's important to know yourself well otherwise you wont know the difference between your anger and that of others lost souls. The attraction or the pulling of these unfortunate souls towards you peaks when you are having an argument with someone or angry or pissed at someone. So one should always be aware of that and keep things whether an argument or discussion under control because what they are sending in thoughts and emotions(specially violent ones)could be harmful to others and might even ignite a wave of rage in somebody else thousands of miles away. Distances makes no difference at all regarding the speed of transmitted thoughts and emotions because it's instantaneous."~Patrick Zakhm~

- Someone from Halifax, Nova Scotia interviewed Patrick Zakhm recently and below were the 16 questions that were asked -

40)- What do you define as paranormal?

"Phenomenons and events that just don't fit the norm or normal ones that you have seen or experienced before. Anything that cannot be explained using either logic or scientific means can fall into the paranormal domain. But one shouldn't mix that term with what some people think it is paranormal. Like seeing a strange cloud form for instance and call that paranormal. I have come across websites and i was really surprised by what people call paranormal."~Patrick Zakhm~

39)- What are your abilities and when did you learn you had them?

"We are all born with abilities to see beyond the physical. But as we grow older the physical life experiences that we lead weaken these abilities which are not based in our physical body but in the soul. We can see some of these abilities in some kids, Where no ego of the physical life have been developed yet."

"I'm a sensitive and that means i have different abilities to a degree. And these are clairsentient, clairvoyant,an empath, remoter viewer, psychic, medium, telepath and few others that are not necessary to mention here. The glossary( my website needs to be red though for the words mentioned above to be understood properly because there's alot misunderstanding out there. But you have to know something important about one's spiritual abilities. One can't will it to use them or see with them at will. Because they won't work. It's not up to him to see it's up to his spirit guides to allow him to do so. It's not up to us to receive info through what we have in abilities. Our spirit guides needs to give us permission first otherwise we wont see or pick up anything. That is something many people still don't seems to understand or believe. We are like receivers and if there's no radio stations broadcasting anything then we won't receive anything, as simple as that."~Patrick Zakhm~

38)- What is the most memorable paranormal experience you have had?

"I have had many and keep on having(my upcoming book is on all that). One of most memorable one is the one i had in Lourdes, France few years ago. I was in Paris with some people i know then we decided to go to Lourdes, (about an hour by plane). I've never been there and i didn't know much about what's in there. Just that there was a girl in the past named Bernadette that saw the virgin Mary in a cave, that was all. Arrived there we put our stuff in a hotel and headed to the where everybody was heading, to the grotto. Where the so called apparitions of the virgin Mary took place. People there are in the thousands in any direction you look. We visited the grotto took some pictures then headed back to the hotel to eat and rest. Few hours later we took off again toward the grotto. I passed through the crowd in front of the grotto while snapping pictures then i turned then headed back. And it's as i was walking back that the following happened. I for some reason no longer see anybody, it was like everybody had vanished. The thousands of people all around me were gone. All except one lady standing above in front of me behind a veil. I could not see her clearly through this light grey veil. She looked like in her late 40th early 50th. She didn't say anything. Few moments later she raised her left hand a bit. And when she did her heart started radiating pure white light. That grew little by little in intensity until it exploded into pure blinding white light. There was a pigeon flapping it's wings sound after as i was blinded by this light, then i was back. All that happened while i was walking."

"I don't know if i froze momentarily in my place and for how long. I continued walking and didn't realize what i just saw and experienced. It took me few seconds to remember. Then about eight months later i was visiting Lebanon and one of my friends who just got back from a trip suggested that we visit Harissa. Harissa is pilgrimage site in Lebanon hight up in the mountains above the sea city of Jounieh(about 15-20 minutes away from it by car). So i accepted and went along with my friends. Harissa have a huge white statue of the virgin Mary facing the sea/jounieh. Arriving up there i went up a circular stairs with a friend of mine up to the statue's feet. This is the closest you can get. I went up to make a small prayer to someone sick in my family. And as soon as i started my prayer i felt the same lady that i saw in Lourdes, France come forward toward me. She kept a distance and was listening to what i was asking. I only felt her and did not see her this time. Then i left but i kept feeling her attention on me for a bit and that feeling all suddenly stopped. I did not understand what these two experiences meant at first. Took me about a year or two to get to what this lady was trying to say."~Patrick Zakhm~

37)- What is your scariest experience yet and where did it take place?

"I'm not really afraid from anything i have seen so far, yet anyways. What is scary i think is when you are taping something or you are taking a picture of something and you don't realise what you are taping until later. Please check the page about The Westmount House to understand what i mean by that. I'd like also to you tell you about an interesting experience/investigation we have made me and my meetup group a while ago. It's a long story so i instead of rewriting the whole thing it's posted here if you'd like to check it out and use:"~Patrick Zakhm~

36)- Is there something everyone should know about the paranormal?

"Yes of course. Most important of all is not to mess with things you don't really understand. Like for instance the Ouija board. I was shocked the other day to see it being sold at a shop for $11.99. The board is nothing and it's not dangerous. It's what goes on around it that is. We have come across many ghost cases caused by using Ouija boards. So again, stay away from things you know nothing about. Even if your friends say it's OK or laugh at you for not following them. Do not follow them. Only follow your heart and what is comfortable to you. If you are comfortable inside toward something then follow it. If not then just don't. The why (not) we'll be understood later."~Patrick Zakhm~

35)- Do you think people sometimes lie about a paranormal experience? Why or why not?

"yes, some do lie and exaggerate their experience sometimes. well it spices up their experience and make it tastier to the ear i guess. It's like adding salt and pepper to a dish. But then too much salt or pepper can ruin a dish, right. And so is an experience told by somebody lying to the ears of the listeners. His lies will shine through sooner or later."~Patrick Zakhm~

34)- There is a lot of popularity surrounding paranormal activities nowadays, what do you think people are searching for?

"For kicks and getting scared mostly. The rest are searching for a fact that we just don't die and vanish through the experience called death. Ghost existence tells you that. That there's something else after death. And by catching a ghost on cam they'll have the proof they are looking for."~Patrick Zakhm~

33)- Do you think TV shows such as Ghost Hunters are reliable?

"Many shows are not reliable at all. Like one show i saw not long ago where a group of ghost hunters(here in Quebec i think) go into supposedly haunted sites and communicate with the ghosts there using a medium with a table. So this so called medium sits around that table as well as other group members and the owner of the house they are investigating then start asking the ghost/ghosts questions. The medium start asking questions then occasionally the owner of the house. Nothing happens at first all the time. It's the medium is trying to make a long distance phone call. It takes time? Exactly. Then boom a connection has been established. The table lift then slides away from the medium. It always lifts then slides away from him. Why the table keeps skidding away from him one might ask? Could he be applying a force on it somehow? The ghost supposedly Morse code the medium by lifting then dropping the table. And after few questions and the table sliding more and more away from the medium then him pulling it back in front of him."

"Those around the table who are not part of this mediums group started questioning things. Like why the table keeps sliding away from the medium? Is he lifting it somehow by applying a small force on part of that table? Since he's sitting down the force applied or part of it goes sideways, is it why it skidded away from him? And why the medium lift one hand sometimes and scratch his face while keeping the other hand on the table? Is it because those on the table that are not part of his group have grown suspicious of him and are staring at him? And the medium by lifting one hand to say by that"See it's not me, it's the ghost" he breaks the doubts that are building up around that table?. I guess one can only question things without giving answers of course in this case."

"So, many shows are just what they are "shows" to entertain. Others have some truth in them and the rest is just exaggerations. And the rest(which are very small)are genuine and you can learn a lot from them."~Patrick Zakhm~

32)- Do you believe in demons?

"I would like to share with you few experiences i have had that were not part of any investigation and might answer your question. One time many years ago i was chatting online with a lady that i didn't know what she looked like until she sent me a pic of her(i think this experience is mentioned on the Strange Experiences page on my website) and when i saw her i saw small devils or evil(or demons if you like)entities around her. I did not tell her what i was seeing around her. But then later on she said that she's a witch. Few years later i was in Ottawa and i was ghost haunting in a very haunted site(Ottawa International Hostel)when i came across a lady (a stranger) and when i first layed my eyes on her i saw again the exact same type of little devils around her and i was surprised. As i spoke to her a little she said she's also interested in ghosts. I then asked her if she's a witch?She replied that she's a pagan. But i don't think she was really a pagan. The activities she was in may have been pagan to her but she was doing something else beside that that was more into witchcraft then paganism. Another experience happened at one of my old apartment. One time i arrived home and entered into my room where i usually meditate and there was an evil (or demon if you like) presence located in an area of that room. It didn't stay long, few minutes and it was gone. I guess it didn't like something in my room or maybe my whole room."

"But, from what I have seen spiritually so far i can say that there are different types of entities or beings if you like (not of our plane) that you can call demons if you like, each with different objectives."

"One type works to gain control and influence over people’s lives and souls. They want people to stay in the dark as far as the spirit world is concerned. The less people know about it the better it is for these entities and the stronger their influence becomes. They want people to live feel and think physical, that there’s nothing else beside what we can see with our senses. That there’s nothing beyond the physical plane. Another type of entities objectives is to chain people through carnal pleasures. The more people succumb to their influences in the physical world and the more these entities gain force. Their influence become a control on the soul after the physical death experience."~Patrick Zakhm~

31)- Do all spirits have a time when they stay here on Earth or is there a “heaven”?

"Ghosts you mean?No they don't stay here on earth. They move to another plane of existence vibrating at a different frequency from ours, invisible to our senses. But they stay attached to the physical life, objects, experiences for many years. For how long? All depends on how attached(spiritually that is)they are to their last physical life/objects/place etc. There are many planes of existences all coexist with ours but vibrating at different frequencies. And time only exist here in the physical. Over there time does not exist. It ceases to exist when we leave the physical. Heaven and hell are more of inner experiences then actual places. But then our inner experiences reflect what we are seeing aren't they not? Most ghosts don't even know where they are or who they are(sometimes)?. Some are stuck in between planes. One second they were here then during that same second they are no longer and don't know what is going on or the slightest idea of where they are."~Patrick Zakhm~

30)- How can you capture a ghost, spirit, demon, etc. on camera, when you can’t see them with your own eyes?

"Well you can't at will. You have to be lucky to catch something, specially a ghost. Very lucky actually to catch a ghost. If they manifest physically that is. If they don't there's no tool so far that can catch them in their plane. Only when they manifest in the physical world and you happen to have a cam and at the right time. Cameras are not a magical equipment. It catch what an eye can catch, maybe a bit faster then an eye can can but that is all. Just pure luck, alot of pictures taking and follow your gut feeling where to shoot or where to stand. Also sometimes with an EMF meter you might get a reading of a sudden very short magnetic high reading. This is still under study but it seems that if that happens then something spiritual in nature just passed near you."~Patrick Zakhm~

29)- Why do you think people are reluctant to believe in the paranormal?

"Because they are afraid from the unknown. And Hollywood style movies have added more wood to the unknown fear fire. The paranormal is still a hidden ground to many people you see. And science does not acknowledge it's existence because the laws that govern it is not yet understood. You are dealing with different laws and phenomenons here that are not like the ones we are accustomed to in the physical world. So, it's easier to ignore and say for instance ghosts do not exist then say they do exist but we don't know how they exist or why?"~Patrick Zakhm~

28)- Are you superstitious? Why or why not?

"I can't say i am and i can't say I'm not. But many ancient superstition have some truth to them. But over time they have changed over and over to fit people's beliefs and the way they see and understand the world around them. Others which are modern mostly, are mainly based on absurdities and ignorance."~Patrick Zakhm~

27)- Do you think everyone has abilities to communicate with spirits and that they just don’t know it?

"Yes, we all have abilities because we all come from the same place, or our souls come from the that is, the spirit world. Some tend to ignore what they have and others develop them. The abilities to communicate with the spirits was something that was ordinary long long long time ago. But with time the impressions and the influences of the physical worlds on us and the developments of our thought processes overwhelmed and snuffed down our spiritual abilities and left it in a vestige dormant state in most people today. But with proper meditations these spiritual grains of sight and perception if you like that we all have can be awakened again. One might find funny what i will say now but honesty, just pure honesty is a powerful meditation. It is actually a meditation in itself if one can follow the voice of truth that we all have inside of us."~Patrick Zakhm~

26)- Do you think that there are some places in the world that are more “haunted” than others? If so, where?

"There are many very haunted sites all around the globe. I think the degree of haunting has to do with the ghosts in there or how they lived their last lives and in what way that makes a sight more haunted then another. But it's not really possible to say this is more haunted then that because they all have reasons why the haunting exist or why it's happening in this fashion or at that degree. Another thing to add here is that some people here can create more activities in a haunted house then others. You see sometimes ghosts are not aware of their death or that they have passed away. So they still think they are alive in their own memory in their home. Then comes somebody into their house. A complete stranger with a key. Now imagine yourself in that ghosts ghostly shoes what would you do? A lot of haunting are caused by a misunderstanding between the ghost/ghosts who don't know they are no longer in the physical and those people who move in into their homes uninvited."~Patrick Zakhm~

25)- Is there anything else you would like to let me know?

"Always follow your heart and what is comfortable inside to you and what is true. And do not be bothered by what people think of you as long as you are comfortable inside about yourself and about who you are. If people believe you it's fine and if they don't it's fine also. And always stand to the truth no matter what."~Patrick Zakhm~

- The End Of Halifax Interview -

- Below are questions received through emails and were answered later on by Patrick Zakhm -

24)- Do all spirits stay "here" on earth or if there's such a place as "heaven"? I thought once you died, you were gone.

"No we don't just vanish after death. Our physical body goes back to were it came from, the physical world. The soul, your essence, who you are, your conscience, the"I" move on after the physical death experience or physical separation to a different plane of existence."

"There are many planes that coexist with ours vibrating at different frequencies if you like. Those who stay connected to the physical world are called ghosts. They are attached to this plane but they don't live in it. Ghosts live in a plane that is just beyond the physical one. And occasionally they can manifest physically and temporarily in the physical plane in particular areas connected to the reason of their death or connected to an area or a place of importance to them when they were still of this world. Souls in this plane live in their memories. Their memories of their last lives are their world there. And time in this plane does not exist. A person died in 1605 stays 1605 to him and nothing changes. And these souls has be guided to move on to a higher plane or needs to be purified first from anything connected or attached to the physical plane before they can move on to higher planes."

"Well we all have our heavens and our hells. What we like becomes our heaven there and what we despise(in the physical world) becomes our hell. But still these are all experiences we go through afterward based on how we lived our lives here. Heaven and hell depicted in all religions are metaphoric and symbolic in nature. They do not depict literally what we will experience or encounter in these places but symbolically what we will go through in emotional experiences."~Patrick Zakhm~

23)- When you say "something happened" in that room where you picked up vibes from the pictures i sent you, is it like a death, something tragic? And does a psychic trail necessarily involve a spirit or it's a kind of leftover energy of some sort?

"No, it's not death nor it is something tragic. What i picked up was activities that resembles those encountered in haunted buildings. But by the way they are present or located(in the pictures you sent me) tells me that they were brought in or created by accident by the use of some kind of spirit communication tool like a Ouija board for instance. Ouija boards are not something anybody should play with because you can never know who is speaking through them. Most of those who come through are tricksters. And Ouija boards are not just games like most people think. They are tools that can open windows between our plane and the plane that is right behind it. They can rupture the veil if you like that separate our plane from other planes. Usually causing lost souls to drop into the house of where the Ouija board was used and haunting it. And most of these souls don't have the slightest idea of where they are or what is going on? The board itself is nothing really it's what people concentrate on that is the dangerous part here and that's what can slice open a door and let in all kind of spirits. Opening a door is easy but closing it is something else."

"Anything emotionally experienced in a place leave a psychic trail behind that can be red by some sensitives or psychics. Specially intense emotional experiences like anger, rage, argument, fights, sufferings or pain. All these emotional experiences leave behind a trail or an image that can be seen or red by some people with permission from these people's spirit guides. No permission given nothing can be seen or red."~Patrick Zakhm~

22)- One last question. I know the last few tenants(where i now live)all ended up in a divorce or at the least there was a lot of arguing. It might be a common thing these days, or maybe a coincidence. But I was wondering if a house can hold a negative energy? which could influence the people living there. I once saw a house being cleansed with sage(actually I saw it on TV so it might not be worth much)to purify the air, the bad spirits.

"Absolutely. Like i mentioned in my previous answer previous emotional experiences depending on their intensity can stay behind and these residual energies can be like catalysts for arguments and fights. If you live in a house where there has been a lot of arguments and anger and fights in the past experienced by previous people who lived there then these energies will cause some people living in that same place now to act on them. These left behind negative energies if you want will create fights and arguments for no reason at all sometimes. And other times they can multiply the intensity of a tiny misunderstanding to something much much bigger and violent. Yes, sage is a good cleanser of negative experiences and thoughts and negative or bad energies that are present in a house. This plant has been used for ages by native Indians to cleanse themselves and their houses from bad energies and spirits. But you have to know that using sage work sometimes in cleansing a house or an area but it does not work all the times in all cases."~Patrick Zakhm~

21)- Do you differentiate between psychics, sensitives and mediums? If so, how would you define each of those?

"Yes of course, just like you would differentiate between a house electrician, an auto electrician and an electronics technician. They all work with electricity but each is a bit different from one another in what they do. The same can be said about psychics, sensitives and mediums. They all belong to the same family yet they are somewhat different in what each pick up in spiritual energies."

"A psychic is someone who can see souls of those who have crossed over as well as communicate with them (if permission from the spirit world was granted otherwise they won't see anything). Souls also has to allow themselves to be seen by a psychic or again the psychic won't be able to see them. And this communications between souls and psychics take the form of metaphoric and symbolic images that the psychic has to be translate properly (which is very difficult sometimes) in order to understand what a soul is trying to convey. Some psychics give off a particular energy or light that attract the attention of souls and ghosts. And in consequences a contact get to be made instantly with those on the other side. So this is basically the main characteristics of a psychic. And almost all psychics has some degrees of Clairsentience, Clairaudience, clairvoyance and empathic abilities to name a few. But they are not as developed as the ability to see souls and ghosts and communicate with them."

"The sensitive on the other hand is more developed in these fields. Most sensitives have a natural investigative nature. They are more conscious and perceptive then the people around them. Sensitives seems to also have several well developed abilities in spiritual perceptions all working at the same time like a multi frequencies radio waves scanners. But instead of picking up radio waves they pick up different spiritual vibration energies. They usually are clairvoyants, Clairsentients, Clairaudients, residual energies readers. Some can see images and translate them just like we saw above with psychics. Others can see souls and ghosts in their planes but they cannot communicate with them like psychics do. They can see them but they can't talk to them where as psychics can. And this is where psychics excel the most at."

"Some sensitives are remote viewers and others can read auras. Some can read haunted sites from outside and tell you which house is haunted and which isn't and if there are ghosts and their numbers. Others have degrees of psychometric and can read personal information from objects when they get in touch with. Emotional events leaves spiritual traces behind and some sensitives can read that. Some can take a glimpse of people's past just by looking at them. This is basically some of what they can pick up in vibrations, energy and what they can do."

"A medium is someone who can become the medium of a spiritual communication with someone in the spirit world. They can channel in information or messages coming from a deceased person. They usually give permission to someone on the other side to speak through them using their bodies as the medium of transmission(hence the name). Although they can become the medium for a soul on the other side to come through they stay though in control of what goes on or what comes through. Some mediums loose complete control of their bodies during a reception seance but most stay in control. Mediums are able to fall into a particular conscience state enabling by that souls that are on the other side to step in momentarily and say through the medium what they came here for to say. Mediums also have other abilities as well similar to what we've seen with psychics and sensitives. But they excel the most as being mediums."~Patrick Zakhm~

20)- For those who have/would use psychics/sensitive/mediums, which of the three do you think would help the most in a paranormal investigation? Why?

"In this field it's better to have at least a sensitive and a psychic with you in order to have a better understand of what is going on exactly in a haunted location. Each brings in part of the puzzle. It's like the fingers in a hand. They all work together to accomplish a particular movement or action."~Patrick Zakhm~

19)- From your experiences and from what you've see so far how can you tell a genuine psychic/sensitive/medium from a false one?

"Only through tests you can arrive to that. You have to test them. And it's better that someone who's been into this field for a long time to do the testing. Not an ordinary person because he/she might not have the experience or the necessary knowledge to know what to look for or ask while testing any of the three."

"Basically the three are usually extremely honest people in life and about what they can and can't pick up and they come out clean with that. They also don't charge any money for their work. Most of them don't with a few exceptions(and they have good reasons why they do charge) but most don't ask for money."~Patrick Zakhm~

18)- Do paranormal groups have any obligation to expose psychic frauds?

"Yes we do have this obligation to expose psychic frauds just like any other paranormal groups following the way of honesty and truth would do. Specially if these fake psychics are creating more problems to people then solutions. By problems I mean if they are scaring people and putting wrong ideas in their heads for nothing then we will intervene to clear out these things out and explain the situation to these people."~Patrick Zakhm~

17)- What should I do when going out to take a look at houses that's supposed to be haunted or just going out to see if one can tell which house is haunted and which isn't?

"First and most important thing to follow is to stay calm inside, not to be excited whatsoever about what you're doing or what you might see, just complete calmness inside and nothing else. And even if you feel something from a house just stay calm. This is important because our soul's forces expends instantly during a emotional experience and tend to cover the object of our experience and also mix with it, and that should be avoided here."

"This can be noticed during a argument between two people for example. No need for both of them to be angry, just one is enough because the one with the agitated forces will engulf the other person with his energies and make them his, and so with that both of them are angry now. And that can happen only if the other calm person tune himself to what the other irritated person is saying, like by listening to what he's saying, if he doesn't, if he thinks of other things during the argument then he will stay calm and won't be irritated too."

"Another important condition is not to analyze what you're looking at. Analyzing through thinking here doesn't help you understand what's going, it will do the opposite, it will actually damage what you're picking up. So avoid analyzing and don't let the ego get the hang of your perception. Just let your soul be in front here and put the ego behind, then see what impression you get from what you see."

"Also important is detachment from the object of one's perception. Stay detached separated from what ever you are looking at, don't live in what you are seeing, keep it outside of you and you outside of it."

"And always keep a camera with a good working flash with you, and when there is something or you feel something coming from a particular place then what you should do is take pictures with and without the flash from different angles. Like take a shot where you're standing then move away few feet then take another picture from that angle. The white light from the flash carries all the wavelength of colors that we see and those that we can't see which are invisible to the naked eye. And in some cases some of the invisible light like infra-red or ultra violet light created by the flash gets reflected by whatever invisible thing your are shooting and that get caught by the camera. So always keep a camera handy and take pictures from different angles."~Patrick Zakhm~

16)- Why do you think that these houses are giving off weird vibes?

"well it's because they are haunted. Haunted to me means there is a soul still tied up to that house and it's energies are spread all over the building(which what is being picket up here)but concentrated in one or more then one particular place and that's where the soul is located. And it can be conscious of it's state or not and on the cover of my book(Haunted Houses)that i drew myself you will notice small drawings depicting the most common emotional states that ghosts fall into after their physical death experience."~Patrick Zakhm~

15)- Does that mean if i visited one of those houses on your site i would see a ghost?

"Physically you mean, not necessarily. You have to be very lucky to see a ghost manifesting physically. You have to be at the right place and the right time. Psychically, if you have abilities in spiritual perception you may or may not see one because they have to allow it first. If the spirit plane and the ghost allows it then you'll see him."~Patrick Zakhm~

14)- When I was viewing your site - the photos - my heart started racing and I got a very eerie feeling - It sort of freaked me out, does this mean I am sensitive?

"The pictures on my site were taken to let people feel what i picked up in ghost vibes. Haunted buildings give off particular vibes that i was picking up and that's what i was trying to catch with the camera. To give a glimpse to people of these vibes. You see these ghost vibes are intense at particular angles because they carry in them emotions and feelings that these ghosts are stuck in. The emotional states these ghosts are in are being given or radiated off through these vibes. We all are sensitives to a degree. We can all pick up things if we know how. Some are just imaginations and others are more then that. In my book "Haunted Houses"there's a section that teaches you how to meditate properly and how to develop what you have."~Patrick Zakhm~

13)- Do you believe that spirits follow people or do they mainly stay with a building or house, etc?

"Hauntings can follow you, it's not only in a building, it can be connected to anything physical anything that belonged to someone who in his life here was attached to this object it creates bonds spiritual bonds that will enable the soul to come back to be close to it, to haunt it. Beside that, one can also bring ghosts to his house by playing with "tools of communication" like for example the Ouija Board."~Patrick Zakhm~

12)- My friend is distressed about things concerning guides, she red many negative things, i was concerned about her that's why i came to dialogue with you, what do you think?

"I can't say I've ever had a bad negative experience with my spirit guides. And i don't think anyone will have any unpleasant ones with them if they understand them if they listen to them because they're here to help us out in things. Things that are visible to them from where they are but not to us. Their help gets misunderstood sometimes and badly translated into something that is not correct. Also, one should not take everything that is reads as true and apply them to himself. It's better to just take notes in one's mind so to speak of what is experienced, heard and said by others and pull from all that what they feel in their hearts as true."~Patrick Zakhm~

11)- What can you do to stop abnormal thoughts like thinking all the time and not being able to stop?

"A good way to reduce or even get rid of all these thoughts is to change your vibration your frequency to another one which isn't tuned to the thoughts that you are picking up. Have you noticed if there are more thoughts during the day then when it's night during the night time after midnight? Because if it was mainly during the day time that means you are picking up other peoples thoughts, they are being reflected in you. If it's during the night which i doubt it this mean its from spirit guides but they wouldn't be doing this to anyone unless there is a good reason."

"We all change our vibratory energies by the things we do and even by what we eat. Like the tv does to you it made your tuner so to speak change channel momentarily, other things try reading listening to music drawing painting anything you like to do? If this doesn't work try meditating if you have a sink water running near a kitchen for instance let the water sink drips drop by drop in a way that you can hear it then go sit in a quiet not too lit place then try to quiet your mind put the thoughts behind you, some tricks like grabbing the thoughts that you are hearing then trowing them behind you helps you stop them..momentarily that is. So when your mind is quiet a bit concentrate on the drops of water in the kitchen and when ever other thoughts try to sneak in grab them through visualizations then throw them behind say "I'll think of that later I'll have all the time for that later ."

"If water dripping bothers you try putting some Indian music a music that doesn't have side effects meaning a music that does not keep playing in ones head after the music was turned off which today's music do that and i find it very irritating. A musical instrument music is the best i think in making you focus and be in control of yourself."

"So try doing this or other similar concentration exercise and see what happen. By the way I'm like you but with me i have my private house so to speak and when a spirit guide/s wants to tell me something he comes in he doesn't knock he just open the entrance door comes in tells me what needs to be told then leave."~Patrick Zakhm~

10)- How can a ghost be captured by a camera if it's not physical?

"Ghosts do manifest sometimes(but very rarely)in our physical plane. So if you have a camera and you were at the right place and at the right time you might catch a ghost. The camera is much faster then the eye. It can catch things that the eye can't like objects moving at high speed. Just like you can't see the wings flaps of a fly or a bird flapping his wings, cameras can because of their high shutter speed. Another thing the light from the cameras flash is pure white which means it carries all the colors/wavelengths of the spectrum visible as well as non visible. So if there was a object in the let's say invisible part of the spectrum it may not have the substance you are thinking of but it has enough substance to absorb or reflect parts of that spectrum of light from the camera's flash light making it momentarily visible enough for the camera to catch. Similar to seeing dust particles in the air. We cannot see them with the naked eye but if you shine a light from a flashlight on them then you will be able to see them. The same goes to some phenomenons that are beyond are senses perception. The light from the flash light occasionally and with luck make them momentarily visible for the camera to catch."~Patrick Zakhm~

9)- What is the best meditation techniques to develop psychic abilities?

"The following are not so much of meditation exercises they are however more of a state of self and behaviour, and i give Honesty Serenity and Detachments the best marks. Specially Honesty which is something that is not hard to follow. Honesty IS a meditation by itself. A life in honesty is as precious to the soul as water is to our physical body."~Patrick Zakhm~

8)- There isn't a lot of places on the net that have places that are haunted in Montreal]. Can you give me a couple of places i can check out, thank you so every kindly for your time?

"There are many places that are haunted and many are not open to the public. The following are few sites that are open. Mcgill university, the section of the university (if i remember correctly) that is located on Sherbrooke, parallel to st. Catherine if you exit from Peel metro and you go up. I haven't examined the building yet but from outside it is giving off intense haunting energies. From what i heard it seems there's a ghost of a girl haunting it but i doubt that's the only ghost. Also The city hall in old Montreal is also giving off a lot of energies from the second floor which i tried to get up but couldn't, needed a appointment with the protocol. The lady was on vacation when i called, ill try again in the future when i have time. And also Cathedral Mary Queen Of The World, on Rene Levesque, there's a spirit i got in touch with connected to the huge wooden arch found inside.I haven't had a full investigation of the cathedral yet, i will when i get the chance. Saint James United Church on Saint Catherine is quiet haunted. People have reported seeing a couple on the second floor. Also one time with me i picked up a ghost sitting in about the middle on the second floor. He was staring at me curious what i was doing. Mary Gallagher's ghost is sort of the most famous in Montreal. No idea why though, there are plenty of other ghosts beside her but not much attentions are given to them. Do a bit or research on her to see where she usually appear. I have seen one time on a street corner where is said she appears and saw spiritually for a few minutes a lady standing wearing a skirt that was only the visible part. The skirt had an interesting pattern to it. Background color was very light beige with black squares inside squares. So i don't know if that was Mary's or had to do of how she was dressed the last time she was seen alive. Montreal is very haunted by the way but the thing is many haunted sites are not open to the public. Things are a bit hush hushed as far as ghosts goes. So even if you come across a haunted site you most probably won't be allowed in. The old Patriots Prison is haunted also. So these are some of the sites that comes to mind right now."~Patrick Zakhm~

7)- Since psychics can see the future why don't they get the number of the next winning lotto ticket and get rich?

"There's a big misconception of what a psychic can and can't do. But let's suppose one can do that if they don't receive or get the winning number of a loto ticket like you say it's because it's not up to them to get the info they want. They are more like receivers like radios, they are able to receive information only if there are signals being broadcasted, transmitted to them. And only if their spirit guides have something to tell them. You see they can't will it to know anything, willing it might give them what they're asking for but with time they'll start to receive info that aren't correct. From my experience the best thing is not to ask anything and when you're spirit guides wants to tell you something that they see it fit for you to know about then they'll tell you.And if that was followed be sure that what is received is 100 percent correct."~Patrick Zakhm~

6)- I had a reading by two different psychics and they both gave me somewhat similar messages why is that not the exact same thing?

"Because each one is different no two alike, different in a sens that they didn't spiritually evolve the same way, so one won't see the exact same thing another is seeing. Also translating into language what they are seeing usually is not easy. This is basically one of the most difficult thing because souls usually communicate in symbols and you have to put in words properly what they are showing you or you're way off their message. That is if they are clearly visible to the psychic because sometimes they aren't. That's why sometimes you see psychics asking in some feedback from you because they can see somebody but it's not clear to them, it's foggy."~Patrick Zakhm~

5)- Hi, my son is almost 4 and he started talking at 4month old and even before that he was seeing things, then when he was able to talk he would talk to these people, a few of them even scared me by the way he was talking to them he would even play with a couple of them and there are 2 that he talks to that scare him.

"First of all i don't think you should be worried here because he seemed to have been seeing these things for a while now and if they wanted to hurt him they would have long time ago don't you think? He was able to see them only at the beginning now he can talk an interact with them, you should not be worried. This is common to many children at this age.I don't know if you believe in this but people who become psychics and mediums later in life go usually in similar experiences. So there is nothing to worry about unless you feel from what he tells you that they want to hurt him. This may sound off the wall to you but sometimes and i have witnessed that with my own eyes,kids around your son's are able to see the spirit world. The souls if you like of people that are no longer of this world. These spirits have usually a purpose for being visible to these kids and it's usually to protect them from harm from things happening in the child's life. And in other cases their presence is not connected to anyone just to the house where one has moved in and they are seeing the soul of someone who is still for some reason bound to his house. About the ones he's telling you are "mean",you have to know that there are kids at this age who doesn't use proper words to describe what they are experiencing or seeing. I'm not saying that he's doing that is it's just a thing to take into consideration also. You probably have already done this, but have you asked your son to ask whoever he is seeing like Who they are? what they're coming from? even if that sounds absurd to you, just try it see what he tells you. Have you always been in the same house where you live now? And have you ever checked the history of your house? Do you know who used to live there? This is another thing to check or maybe to do first if you haven't done it already. Also you can still go see or bring a priest to your home to bless it if you feel it's something that is beyond your capabilities in dealing with and get the house cleansed from spirits that you may think is harmful to your family."~Patrick Zakhm~

4)- Hi! I need some help. I'm trying to gather information about telepathy, premonitions, precognition and post cognition for a research paper. If you know of any books that would help me I would appreciate it a lot. Thank you.

"well i can't point a particular book for you because each person is different, my favorite books may not be good book for you.The best thing to do is to look around shops check the new age sections in libraries and when a book sticks to you that means that's the one for you. In other words your spirit guides wants you to have it. If it doesn't stick that means its not for you and keep looking."~Patrick Zakhm~

3)- Hi i have been looking for web sites for some kind of answers and found some one else going through what my daughter is going through. And your e-mail address was there trying to reply to her, So i hope you don't mind me e-mailing you? My daughter is 2 and a half, and started saying that there is a man in our house, but we don't have any men living in our home, yesterday she hide behind the kitchen door saying the man is there(in our front room)and hide her face away when we picked her up and was very scared, she said he sits on our sofa and moves around the room as she points to different parts of the room where she says he is. So i tried to reassure her and tell her its OK he is her friend, and yet again today it has happened again tonight she was sitting on the sofa and started muttering to her self and then calls out and points Tony is back, but we don't know any Tony, and no men here. My older children were playing and pretend to get him to leave and said there is another one over there, and tony is here. The older 2 are getting very worried about what the little one is saying is there! I don't know what is going on, this started a few months back, when she went up stairs to the room and then came running back down and kept telling me to come and look! in a way she never has before, when i went upstairs with her she kept pointing in the hallway saying mum look there, but there was nothing there, the look on her face and the way she went on about going upstairs to look you would think the hallway was full of lots of goodies "sweets", i just took her back down and said there is nothing there silly, and now around the same period of time she want go upstairs on her own. Strange things have happened in our home for some years, mainly been as soon as you put things down they just disappear, I.E i could be working at my desk and talking on the phone and be writing notes i put the pen down for less than a minute and when i go to pick it up that disappears, i go and get another pen and the same thing happens, you can pull the whole desk apart and it is no where to be seen, and days later it is back there where i put it! The only other thing we have had happened is that me and my daughters who was 13 both see something move although couldn't tell you what it was, and as quick as we see it it was gone, me and the oldest daughter just looked at each other and i asked her did you see that and she said yes it was next to me, which is what i see! I just haven't got any clues to why this is happening in our home, but the last few days seems to be getting stranger, is there any in sight you can give me, I am even going to have an appointment with a clairvoyant to see what she thinks. I'd be grateful for any insight you can give me.

"I don't wanna jump to conclusions right away because it's better to be physically present on site but your house sure sounds haunted from the things you have experienced. These experiences usually are encountered in buildings who still have their ex owners souls inhabit them,they don't know they are no longer in this world. They are so much impregnated by their last experiences in this plane that the physical death came and gone without them being aware of its happening. So they keep on living in the memories that they had in their house, being replayed over and over and over. And this is only one type of consciousness a haunting soul falls into sometimes. There are many other conditions which influences the behavior of the haunting soul. You shouldn't be scared unless you feel from what you see and experience that harm could happen if you don't do anything. To me they don't sound that they are malevolent spirits, these are probably ghosts that are trying to understand what is going on and who are you. I suggest to grab a camera and see if you can catch something of what your daughter sees with a flash because light sometimes makes the invisible visible just like the light from a flash light can make dust particles in the air at night visible if we shine light through them. Also if you have a digital camera it would be great if you can take few pictures of the inside of your house and send it to us to see if we can pick anything from them."~Patrick Zakhm~

2)- Do you have some knowledge in remote influencing? And do you know someone who can have this abilities or some knowledge to reverse this kind of link created by someone. For a friend to who i believe this happens to by someone sending bad energies. Thanks!

"Remote influencing? That's the first time i hear about it. I know from experience that you might be able to heal someone from a distance by sending energies, healing energies. And you can also send energies to calm someone down who is very upset even if he lives far from you. But to control someone if that's what you mean, i don't know if it's possible, some people might able to do that but i doubt it it works on everyone the subject needs to have a weak personality very weak but even with that. I'm not sure that someone can keep on controlling someone else though. By the way everyone has spirit guides and he's protected at all time to some degree all according to his Karma. But if your friend needs additional protections one way is to surround himself mentally with pure white light. Just let him/her sit down just for a few minutes. After closing the eyes and calming down his thoughts then just let him imagine pure white light surrounding him. Then let him ask the spirit world/spirit guides/angels around him to protect him."~Patrick Zakhm~

1)- Can you find somebody who's been missing? and how much?

"I might be able to but that does not depend on me but on my spirit guides. This is how things work for me. Pictures, i would ask to see a lot of pictures of the person you are looking for. And if you have sentences that this person used to use a lot that i can read. All this is just to tune myself or get tuned so to speak to the person in question energies or frequency. Then see if i pick up something. I usually get images symbolic images in which the person you are looking for is in is part of the settings of this/these images. Then what i have to do is decipher properly the whole settings, the symbols in the image/images. And deciphering sometimes is very difficult to do. Being able to see images is an ability and deciphering what you are shown is another. Sometimes i only get a image with all the needed info in. It all depends on what my spirit guides are willing to or can show me. But i cannot grantee that i will see images or that will be of help here because like i said it's not up to me to see it's up to what the spirit world want to show me.How much i charge? I charge nothing. I don't do this for the money and i don't think anybody who is able to do the same should charge anything. It should always be free."~Patrick Zakhm~